The Daily Rundown

By Chris Le

  • Last night against the defending champion Miami Heat, Tracy McGrady dropped 32 points and 8 assists, leading his team to another victory, improving their record to 34-19. As I was watching, I couldn’t help but think, my goodness, T-Mac is playing outside of his mind, possibly even better than his days with the Orlando Magic when he led the league in scoring. I couldn’t keep count of how many ridiculous, in-your-face, jumpers he nailed.

Obviously, the scoring ability is still there, but he’s much more of a facilitator nowadays. He’s running the offense, which pretty much revolves around him since Yao is out, and is making his teammates better, which is the mark of a truly great player.

To sum things up, I think it’s about time T-Mac got some MVP love. He has only kept Houston afloat and led them to the 5th best record in the league without their franchise player, Yao Ming. And look who he’s playing with: a street baller in Skip, a 100-year-old Mutombo, and Juwan Howard. How many other teams would these guys start for? Honestly, did anyone think the Rockets would still be this dangerous without Yao? The only decent player on the team is Battier, which brings me to my next point…

  • Man, I love Shane Battier. From his wrinkly ass head to his uncanny ability to take charges. It’s plain and simple—he’s a winner. Aside from being a lockdown defender, he doesn’t do any particular task too well, but he’ll always make the right play. He’ll do anything to win, whether it is diving for a loose ball, drawing a charge, or nailing a corner three. (Plus he’s a stat-stuffer for fantasy play.) He’s hands down one of the smartest players in the league with the mind of a coach, and I’m steadfast in the belief that any team would be ecstatic to have Battier.
  • Also during the Heat-Rockets game, Miami shooting guard, Dwyane Wade, suffered a dislocated shoulder. The agony was so unbearable, he wasn’t even able to walk back to the training room; he needed a wheelchair. The tear-inducing injury made me think: is there crying in sports?

D-Wade has this persona of a scrappy, tough guy. Fall down seven times, get up eight. What happened to that guy? I can’t imagine Brett Favre shedding a tear.

And it’s not only restricted to injuries. I’m confused every time I see Roger Federer break down emotionally after winning a grand slam. Roger, you’ve won 10 grand slams. Is it really necessary to cry after each and every one of them?

But who am I to talk? I cry like a bitch and require a 30 minute break after getting a calf cramp.

  • It was announced that former IBC and WBO heavyweight “champion,” Tommy Morrison, who several years ago tested positive for HIV, is returning to the ring. Morrison, scheduled to fight John Castle tonight, claims that he received a false positive and was misdiagnosed.

Tommy, what’s the point of this comeback? You sucked in your prime, and at 38, it’s likely you’ll suck even more. You’re remembered for two things: co-starring in “Rocky V” (the crappiest of all the Rocky movies) and being viciously knocked out by Ray Mercer. Please don’t be remembered for giving another boxer HIV.


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