Hansbrough suffers broken nose from vicious elbow

By Bryan Jeon

In a game that North Carolina was leading in double digits in the closing seconds, UNC head coach Roy Williams had left star Tyler Hansbrough in the game. Why? It had Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski asking the same thing. UNC won the game 86-72, but not before Duke guard Gerald Henderson delivered a direct hit with a vicious forearm to Hansbrough’s nose as Hansbrough went up for the shot with 14.5 seconds left. Regardless of whether the assault and battery was deliberate or not, it’s just conversation for debate. Henderson was ejected and suspended for Duke’s season finale Thursday night against North Carolina State. Hansbrough gets to wear a face mask in tournament play with a broken nose while apparently having broken a tooth earlier in the game as well. Williams claims that Hansbrough “will probably need a root canal after the season ends.” Rough day for the sophomore forward, but it’s hard not to say that he had a hard foul coming to him playing as aggressively as he did, as he shouldn’t even have been on the floor.

Also, Tyler was noted bragging to a teammate something along the lines of, “Did you see me pop right up off the ground and go after them?” Tyler, you weren’t going to do shit. You got your oversized ass knocked on the ground and were hemorrhaging so much, you actually looked uglier than you already do.


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