Hunter Suspended After Testing Positive For Banned Substance

By Bryan Jeon

On Wednesday, Detroit Pistons guard Lindsey Hunter was suspended 10 games without pay by the NBA after testing positive for phentermine, a banned substance primarily used for weight loss.

Hunter said the pill was prescribed for his wife. “We do that at our house — if I’ve got a head cold, I might grab one of her pills,” he said. “It was just a bonehead mistake on my part.”

I don’t know what kind of mental (or physical) issues you may be having, Lindsey, but I’m sure you were really taking the pills for that head cold of yours. You’re a healthy 6’2″, 195 lbs., you don’t need to fear getting fat just yet.

“It’s the league rule, and I have to abide by it,” Hunter added. “I just hope people don’t think I’m out smoking marijuana.”

Oh, no one will ever mix you up for someone to the likes of Ricky Williams. We can all call Williams nasty names in how lazy he was and the talent gone to waste, but you, the worst that can happen is an accidental slip of a Gisele Bundchen or a Tyra Banks without the bustiness if you get near a runway.

Hunter began his suspension Wednesday night, as the Pistons faced the Cleveland Cavaliers and will forfeit more than $202,000 of his salary. I find it ironic that someone who is taking diet pills for whatever reason gets hardcore stiffed with no pay while Ron Artest gets to bitch-slap his baby mama around with just an indefinite leave from the team with pay. Regardless, poor Artest probably drew his last straw, as Sac-town is looking to ship Artest or teammate, Mike Bibby, who can’t seem to get along with Artest.

Image courtesy of AP Photo.


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