Sig. Figs.

By Bryan Jeon

16 – The Dallas Mavericks’ current winning streak, a season- and franchise-high, which they’ll put on the line tonight at the Los Angeles Lakers (6pm PT, ESPN).
33 – The longest winning streak in the NBA, set by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1971-72 season.

25 – The minimum number of games the New York Islanders’ Chris Simon is suspended for after his stick attack to the face of the New York Rangers’  Ryan Hollweg, forfeiting at least $80,200 of his salary.
15 – The number of games the Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony received for punching the New York Knicks’ Mardy Collins, forfeiting $640,096.50 of his salary. Isn’t that what hockey players do every other night for fans’ entertainment? 

1,694 – The number of major league games played by Jeromy Burnitz of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the longest-running streak of not making the postseason among active players, which came to an end when Burnitz called it quits after 14 seasons.
63 – The number of regular season appearances St. Louis Cardinals reliever Adam Wainwright made in 1+ year before making the postseason, eventually becoming the Game 4 winning pitcher and recording the Game 5 Series-winning save in the World Series last year.

17,000,000 – Dollars. That’s how much New York Yankees’ starting pitcher, Carl Pavano earned in the last two years after recording just 100 innings pitched, including none in the 2006 season. I’ll save you the math, that’s $170,000 per inning pitched.
13,500,000 – Dollars. The salary Minnesota Twins’ ace Johan Santana made in the same period of time, recording a league-high 465.1 IP in that time. The most dominant pitcher in all of the major leagues had to earn his money, earning just $29,026 per inning pitched.

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