Tank Johnson Sentenced To Four Months In Jail

By Bryan Jeon

You might remember the judge granting Tank Johnson the right to travel to Miami with  his Chicago Bears for the Super Bowl just a month ago. On Thursday, Johnson was sentenced to 120 days in jail for violating his probation in 2005, as police found six unregistered firearms in his home. The reason why he was even on probation was because a nightclub valet reported seeing Johnson with a handgun in his car.

My question is this – what is a 6’3″, 300 lb. beast doing with all these guns? Does he feel unsafe in The Windy City without having all of these around?

Maybe because his first name is Tank. It’s probably more surprising that he doesn’t carry several semi-automatics with him at all times.

But anyway, I always find it somewhat of a shock to see someone famous like a professional athlete get locked up. Wonder who the tank in jail is, if you know what I mean.


One response to “Tank Johnson Sentenced To Four Months In Jail

  1. As a people, we are doomed; We have forgotten the harsh reality of our pass;(slavery,segregation,jim crow) The times have whitewashed our history and poisoned our minds into thinking that life consists in the abundance of the things that we possess. As a result, we have become enslaved once again. Read:Million Dollar Slave
    As Harriet Tubman once said, I could have freed many more slaves if they had only realized that they were(slaves) The lure of trinkets has trapped many unsuspecting young black men in the slave fields of today:football, basketball,baseball etc… The slave masters of today have turned in their whips in exchange for fast talk and false promises. African American athletes across the board are represented by white agents who by in large for no other reason save their financial gain could care less. (How many white athletes have black agents? I know of two, one in the NFL and one in the NBA.) The felonius acts of these young black men as of late is no accident; For the last 10 years they have gotten progressively worse and it will continue to decline until we as a people realize that we have the ability and in many circles the resources to facilitate change; change in the way we see ourselves and most importantly, the way that others(whites, hispanics,asians)see us.
    Proverbs says that righteousness exalts… but sin is a disgrace/reproach to any people. We have forgotten what brought us out (of slavery and poverty) and have over the years adopted the ways of our oppressors to become in some ways clones of the mindset and behavior. I don’t see a racist behind every bush, but red-lining,cash for titles and liquor stores don’t over populate the area and affect the enviroment of Megan and Brad. Also,did Peyton Manning, Bret Favre or Keith Brooking sign with a black agent? Did they interview one? Why not? Competence has nothing to do with it, race,creed,color, bottom line. And thats Ok, I’m just saying, African Americans need to follow suit. But alas, I feel that the brainwashing of blacks in America is completely irreversible, like bleach in bluejeans.

    Those who do not take heed to the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. Good night and Good luck.

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