Lincoln High Takes Brawl-Marred Title

By Bryan Jeon

Sophomore Lance Stephenson scored 29 points to lead the top-seeded Lincoln Railsplitters to their second straight title in the New York City high school basketball Championship, defeating Brooklyn rival, Boys and Girls, 77-50 at Madison Square Garden.

The game was overshadowed by a brawl amongst fans, who reacted to a hard shove by one of the players in the third quarter, which led to a heated moment between the players themselves.

You can check out the video courtesy of CBS, but I just wanted to point out a few things, to save you the news reading, that you probably wouldn’t get at any other basketball game:

Once the fights broke out, the public address announcer could be heard saying: “What the fuck is wrong with y’all? Come on!”
If anyone calls for more black public address announcers at sporting events, please  put my name down on that list.

There is also footage of a girl slapping a boy, who then turns around and tries to punch her. Consequently, other boys jumped him.
All I have to say is…dumb broad, what are you thinking?

The news video also showed white police swinging batons at a black fan who didn’t seem to be resisting. The police said the incident was under investigation, but had no further comment on the footage.
Too bad for the racial disparity. We might be in for some hate crime/civil/criminal/police corruption suit on the way, and that’s not even the start of it.

Fights broke out into Times Square and subways, including shots fired, with the arrest total currently at 21, mostly teenagers.
One was arrested on a riot charge, which is interesting to note because it is not uncommon to be hanged on a riot conviction…back in the nineteenth century.

As for the game itself in regards to Stephenson, “Sometimes, you just have to let Lance be Lance and let him freelance,” said head coach Tiny Morton. “Sometimes, you have to bring him in. Today, we let him go.”
Where else will you find a coach Tiny rapping and actually making meaningful remarks? I just have to say, damn, that’s moving.

As for Stephenson, this 6’4″ guard is apparently creating NBA buzz already, being compared to fellow Lincoln High grads, Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair, including an expectation of being more hyped than Telfair when Stephenson finishes high school. I’ll conclude with this highlight reel of “Born Ready,” who’s still only 16 years of age.


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