Lidle’s Widow, Son To Throw First Pitch On Opening Day

By Bryan Jeon

On October 11, Cory Lidle had wanted to take an ordinary Wednesday in the offseason to tour the city of New York. With a final cause after investigation citing light wind, Lidle and his flight instructor never touched base again, as their small plane crashed into a Manhattan high-rise. Lidle, 34, had 12 wins last season and made a postseason appearance in relief against the Detroit Tigers in a 3-1 division series loss.

The New York Yankees will wear black armbands on the left sleeves of their uniforms this season to honor the pitcher, as they did not assign Lidle’s No. 30 to anyone this spring training.

After the tragic accident, Melanie Lidle has not had time to mourn; instead, she has been on both ends of a couple of lawsuits stemming from the accident:

  • Last month, Lawrence Rosenthal, a dentist to the rich and famous, filed a $7 million lawsuit against the Lidle estate, claiming his home was destroyed in the crash.
  • Last month, Lidle’s and his instructor’s families filed wrongful-death lawsuits against Cirrus Design Corp., the maker of the airplane. The lawsuits allege product liability, negligence among other complaints.
  • Melanie has recently sued MetLife Inc., claiming she is owed $1.05 million under the benefit plan of Major League Baseball and its players’ association for accidental deaths.

A very interesting case the last one is, as MetLife already paid Melanie the $450,000 life insurance benefit. In defense, they have that the plan excludes “any incident related to travel in an aircraft … while acting in any capacity other than as a passenger,” as they’ll try to prove that Lidle was acting in the role of pilot, crew member or another role not as a passenger. However, the National Transportation Safety Board did not reach any conclusions as to who was at the controls at the time of the accident. A status conference hearing is set for July 31.

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