Ruffin Throws Game Away, Literally

By Bryan Jeon

Little-used Michael Ruffin played a season-high 26 minutes Friday against the Toronto Raptors. Maybe Washington Wizards head coach Eddie Jordan should’ve reconsidered sitting Ruffin for the final minute.

The Wizards committed just eight turnovers all game, but the last one cost them the game. With 3.8 seconds left and down by three, the Raptors had to go the lengths of the floor so they went for the inbounds heave down the court. Ruffin intercepted the ball, then immediately threw it up in celebration, only to have the ball fall into Morris Peterson‘s hands to make a game-tying, double-pump, 31-foot three pointer in his only field goal attempt in 55 seconds of playing time.

Of course, the momentum had the Raptors and Chris Bosh take over the game in overtime, as they defeated the Wizards 123-118. Bosh finished with 37 points, 14 rebounds and 5 assists in the come-from-behind win.

Does the final play in regulation sound ridiculously unbelievable? It’s a whole lot worse when you see it.


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