Rapping Tony Parker

By Chris Le

One of my favorite pastimes is looking up basketball highlights/mixes on YouTube. I mean, who doesn’t enjoying watching Michael Jordan and Vince Carter dunk compilations, right? So the other day, I decided to search for a video of my boy Tony Parker, point guard of the San Antonio Spurs.

In my hunt, I was surprised to see that the first ten or so search results had nothing to do with basketball but rather consisted only of Tony Parker rap videos! As a fan of both hip-hop and Parker, I was immediately intrigued, though there was also a hint of trepidation seeing how nearly half of today’s rappers can’t even rap themselves — how well could a basketball player rap? Even being a die-hard Spurs fan and an ever-optimist when it comes to anything and anyone Spurs-related, I knew his tracks would be horrible.

To my shock however — and this may be my insane Spurs bias talking — TP isn’t that bad, based solely on his skills as an emcee; the song itself is pretty ridiculous. He raps in French so I can’t really comment on his lyrics (though I’m sure it’s a safe bet that he’s not on par with Nas or Talib Kweli), but his flow is somewhat decent. And while I wouldn’t buy his album or even take the time to download it, I can say that he’s better than previous athletes trying out as rappers such as Roy Jones Jr. and Shaquille O’Neal. I know that’s not saying much, but you can judge for yourself. Also, watch out for Tim Duncan, who has to be the most exciting and animated cameo in rap music video history:


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