Oden Still Unsure of Future Despite Father’s Assertions

By Chris Le

This past Friday, Greg Oden Sr., father of the Ohio State freshman phenom who is projected by many to be the top overall pick, said his son will declare for the NBA Draft.

“Why not, as long as he finishes school in the off-season,” Oden Sr. said, supporting his son’s decision. “They had an exciting season, but why take the chance on him getting hurt?”

His statements may have been more of his own wishful thinking than Greg Oden Jr.’s actual feelings regarding his future, as less than 24 hours later, Mike Conley Sr. — father of Buckeye point guard Mike Conley Jr. and Oden’s impending agent if he does in fact, choose to declare — reported that the Ohio State center remains undecided about leaving college.

“The process for Greg Oden is, he’s going to talk to his mom today, he’s going to talk to me tomorrow, and he’s going to talk to [Ohio State coach] Thad Matta Monday,” Conley said, and then make a decision.

Let it be clear: Oden is still unsure. And do you think Oden’s dad wants him to declare? Geez. You might want to check with your son before publicly announcing his future plans.

Fellow Buckeye teammates Conley Jr. and Daequan Cook are also considering entering the NBA Draft. Most mock drafts project Conley Jr. as a lottery pick and the top point guard in the class. Underclassmen have until April 29 to declare, though Oden, Conley Jr. and Cook are expected to make a decision later this week.


One response to “Oden Still Unsure of Future Despite Father’s Assertions

  1. Oden needs to quit being dramatic. Everyone knows he’s declaring. Just do it, already.

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