Stat of the Day

22 – The amount by which the Boston Red Sox (7-4) outscored the Los Angeles Angels (6-7) in their shortened three-game series, by a score of 25-3. Josh Beckett improved to 3-0 in a solid six innings of work, giving up one earned run and striking out five. Angels fans received a scare when Vladimir Guerrero was hit on his right wrist on a pitch from Beckett, leaving the game; x-rays turned out negative. The Angels have now dropped six of their past seven games after a hot 5-1 start to open the season.

We all have laughed at the unbelievable amount of split statistics cooked up in sports sometime or another, baseball being among the most ridiculous. Here’s another one for you crazy stat seekers – Beckett became just the third Red Sox pitcher ever to begin a season winning his first three outings while allowing no more than one run and striking out at least five batters in each of those three appearances (the first two being Babe Ruth in 1916 and Roger Clemens in 1991).


One response to “Stat of the Day

  1. 6-game losing streak and counting and Kendrick’s on the DL now. Halos (6-9) are done! GG!

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