Stat of the Day

10 – Big ups to the New York Mets’ David Wright for extending his hitting streak to 26 games, but the day belonged to the love-or-hate player from the Bronx. Alex Rodriguez hit his 10th homerun of the year, a three-run walk-off blast that had the New York Yankees (8-6) score six runs in the bottom of the 9th inning to come from behind and defeat the Cleveland Indians (6-6), 8-6. Sean Henn was the winning pitcher Thursday, making the Yankees the first team in major league history to sweep a series of three or more games with all three winning pitchers recording their first major league victories – the first two pitchers being Chase Wright and Kei Igawa.

As for A-Rod, big news is his pursuit in chasing Albert Pujols‘ 2006 major league record for most homeruns in the month of April (14). Well, he has 10 games left this month, but don’t consider it one in the bag to get these next four homers, as six of the games will be against the rival Boston Red Sox.

Last year, it took A-Rod 43 games to hit number 10 and while he’s on pace for 116 homeruns and 300 RBI (he has 26 RBI now), the 13-year vet was tied for the second fastest player to 10 homeruns – Mike Schmidt did so in 12 games in 1976.


2 responses to “Stat of the Day

  1. Not only must A-Rod contend against the Red Sox in his pursuit of Pujols’ April home run record, he must also overcome his shaky performance in the clutch. Once fans and the media really start to expect him to hit a homer at every at-bat, he’ll start forcing things and choke. And i can’t wait until that happens.

  2. Wow, we got pwned by A-Rod’s performance tonight, Chris. GG!

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