Bonds Home Run Tracker

Hank Aaron 755

Barry Bonds 739

Babe Ruth 714

San Francisco Giants (8-8) slugger Barry Bonds hit homer No. 739 in a 1-0 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks (10-9), moving within 16 of Hank Aaron’s all-time mark of 755.  In the top of the 2nd, Bonds broke the scoreless tie by blasting a solo shot to center off right-handed Edgar Gonzalez.  It would be the only run the Giants needed as Bonds wasn’t the only Barry to come up big for his squad.  Barry Zito looked like his former Cy Young-self as he pitched 7 1/3 scoreless innings, fanning 5 D-Backs in the process.

For the season, Bonds is hitting .349 with 5 home runs, 11 RBI and 11 walks.


One response to “Bonds Home Run Tracker

  1. It was the first time Zito had consecutive scoreless starts since winning the AL Cy Young Award with the Oakland Athletics in 2002.
    Are you kidding me? 5 years ago? That’s the kind of performance you get from a pitcher with the richest contract ever ($126 million)? When will these stupid general managers learn that 95% of these players are going to get injured (i.e. Chris Carpenter) or go downhill after their career year? (They sure waited 3 subpar seasons with Zito before they paid him well.) The only pitcher who should even be considered getting that kind of money is Johan Santana. One-year contract.

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