Bonds Home Run Tracker

Hank Aaron 755

Barry Bonds 740

Babe Ruth 714

He did it again. San Francisco Giants (9-8) slugger Barry Bonds hit home run No. 740 in a 2-1 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks (10-10), moving within 15 of Hank Aaron’s all-time mark of 755. Up 1-0 in the 4th, Bonds crushed the first pitch off Yusmeiro Petit to right field. For the second straight day, Barry stole the show from the team’s pitcher in a one-run game. Today, it was Matt Cain who pitched a complete game, sacrificing only one run off of three hits.

To the dismay of certain haters, it’s looking more and more likely that Aaron’s hallowed record will be broken…and soon. At the rate he’s going, Bonds is projected to hit 64 homers this season.

For the season, Bonds is hitting .348 with 6 home runs, 12 RBI and 11 walks.

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