Four-Year-Old Gets Taste Of Division I Football

By Chris Le

Here’s a good general rule of thumb: don’t leave your toddler unattended on the sidelines of a football game.

Unfortunately, the parents of 4-year-old Caden Thomas had to learn this lesson the hard way. This past Saturday, Caden and his father were attending a spring youth football festival at Colorado State. It also happened to be the day of the school’s annual spring football game. While roaming around the back of the end zone, Thomas was inadvertently blindsided by wide receiver George Hill, who was diving for a catch. The collision, which looked to be vicious, slammed the little tike’s head against the padded walls bordering the field, yet the boy withstood the crash without any significant injuries—no skull or brain damage—but required 30 stitches from a deep cut on his head.

First of all, why is a kid this young at a football festival? The four-year-old probably just learned how to count—is he really going to comprehend the concept of a complicated sport like football? Secondly, why hold the event right at the sidelines where you know there’s the potential for a kid getting hurt? Smart moves all around.

Here’s a video of the collision:


One response to “Four-Year-Old Gets Taste Of Division I Football

  1. Ouch, that must’ve hurted when he got bonked.

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