Hunter Takes One In the Mouth

By Bryan Jeon

You could never maliciously attack another individual in any team sport (that I can think of) as controllably as you can in baseball. And the best part about it is, you could do it to their best player. All you need is a little patience in waiting for the chosen one to come up to bat.

In a game between the Kansas City Royals (7-15) and the Minnesota Twins (12-10) that went 11 innings Thursday, there were a couple of beanings as well as some stitches before the first run came across the plate.

In the second inning, Zack Greinke delivered a fastball that connected with Torii Hunter‘s mouth. Hunter ripped his helmet off and took a few steps towards Greinke before realizing he needed to sit down for a bit. Hunter needed three stitches to cover a cut inside his mouth and frankly, he should be happy he didn’t need any dental work.

Later in the inning, Greinke bonked Jason Bartlett and in the seventh, Twins reliever Matt Guerrier beaned Royals cleanup hitter Reggie Sanders on “accident.” Sanders took a few steps toward Guerrier before slowly walking to first base but nothing more ensued.

The Twins got one back though, as Mike Redmond, who hurt his left shoulder earlier in the game on Tony Pena Jr.‘s backswing, hit a walk-off single to give the Twins the 1-0 victory.

I have to admit it would’ve been funny if Royals catcher John Buck tackled Hunter from behind after the few steps taken towards Greinke by Hunter. Check out the video here:


One response to “Hunter Takes One In the Mouth

  1. Hunter’s been a beast since he got beaned in the face. Not missing any time, he’s gone 9 for 22 (.409 BA) with 7 runs, 2 homeruns, 4 RBI and 2 SB’s in 5 games since. He’s actually one of the best players in baseball right now. Go Torii!

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