Pats Instant Super Bowl Favorites

By Bryan Jeon

There were plenty of moves outside of the draft, none bigger than a disgruntled Randy Moss heading to the New England Patriots to play alongside three-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady. Moss had two career-low years with the Oakland Raiders, totaling 102 catches for 1,558 yards and 11 touchdowns. The Patriots gave up a fourth-round pick in the weekend’s draft for Moss, and the Raiders subsequently picked cornerback John Bowie of Cincinnati. Moss will join Donte’ Stallworth to add major explosiveness to a weak receiving corps that lost in a nail-biter to the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championships last year.

The Raiders got a receiver back however, in Mike Williams, the Detroit Lions’ top pick in the 2005 draft. They also got veteran quarterback Josh McCown for a fourth-round pick, whom the Lions subsequently selected cornerback AJ Davis of North Carolina State. The Lions were comfortable in parting with the USC receiver who never panned out to the success expected of him with the addition of Calvin Johnson on Saturday and the success of Mike Furrey last season. As for the Raiders, McCown is to contest for the starting job with JaMarcus Russell, their first overall pick in this year’s draft.

The San Francisco 49ers finally landed veteran wideout Darrell Jackson from the Seattle Seahawks for a fourth-round draft pick, whom the Seahawks subsequently selected guard Mansfield Wrotto from Georgia Tech. Jackson had 63 receptions, 956 yards and 10 touchdowns last season but left as he felt crowded in a receiving corps that included Deion Branch, D.J. Hackett, Bobby Engram and Nate Burleson. Meanwhile, the division rival 49ers obtain a veteran number one wide receiver in Jackson to help out the corps of Arnaz Battle and Ashley Lelie.

Ultimately, the Raiders traded Moss for Williams and McCown; the 49ers got a solid, proven receiver that Alex Smith can now throw to to contest in the NFC West; and the Patriots will win Super Bowl XLII with a revived Moss. Goodnight.

Image courtesy of AP Photo.


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