Stat of the Day

1 – The number of votes the Portland Trail Blazers’ Brandon Roy missed out on for a unanimous win out of a possible 128 votes for the Rookie of the Year award Wednesday. Roy led all rookies with solid averages of 16.8 ppg, and 4.0 apg as well as 4.4 rpg and 1.18 spg. He played only 57 games this season, and only one ROY played in fewer games than Roy – Patrick Ewing played 50 games for the New York Knicks in 1985-86. The Toronto Raptors’ Andrea Bargnani, who finished in a distanced second, had the only other first-place vote.

In other awards reactions, the Phoenix Suns’ Shawn Marion was interviewed after their Game 5 win over the Los Angeles Lakers Wednesday night and was asked how he felt about hardly being mentioned for the Defensive Player of the Year award, in which he finished in fourth behind the Denver Nuggets’ Marcus Camby. In response, “I think it’s a bunch of b.s.” Right, Marion. Mr. I Don’t Feel Appreciated is starting to get on my nerves, but he’s a Sun so there’d be nothing surprising there.


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