Stat of the Day

55 million – dollars Saturday night’s pay-per-view fight cost in expenses. Floyd Mayweather earned a guaranteed $10 million and is expected to make much more once revenues are totaled while Oscar De La Hoya earned a minimum $23.3 million with a possible $35 million in store for him. Money was being thrown all over the place, as 50 Cent had a $1 million bet on Mayweather, consequently rapping for the challenger alongside him during the ring walk.  

There was also room for some cocky talk, as Mayweather said, “It was easy work for me” while 50 Cent walked out of the ring saying, “Easy money.” This was Mayweather’s fifth title win in a different weight class, as he is currently the WBC Welterweight (147 pounds) and Junior Middleweight/Super Welterweight (154 pounds) champion. 

HBO will replay the fight next Saturday at 7pm PST.

One response to “Stat of the Day

  1. De La Hoya could very well make $50 million from the fight. My goodness…

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