Stoudemire Calls Out Bowen, Spurs

By Bryan Jeon

On Thursday, Phoenix Suns center Amare Stoudemire took a shot at the San Antonio Spurs, calling them a dirty team and that the feisty Bruce Bowen intentionally tried to injure him with a kick to his Achilles in Game 2 of the playoff series. Amare also noted that Manu Ginobili kicked him in the crotch during the regular season.

Stoudemire determined after viewing the replays that the kick was malicious, happening just before he jumped to make a dunk. No foul was called on the play.

During the regular season, the New York Knicks’ Steve Francis missed three games and had recurring ankle injuries throughout the season, playing just 30 total games, after stepping on Bowen’s foot coming down from a jumper. The same almost happened to Jamal Crawford with Bowen in their next meeting. Last year, Bowen was fined $10,000 by the NBA for kicking the Seattle Supersonics’ Ray Allen in the back.

Raja Bell doesn’t seem to like the term “dirty player.” Hm, maybe because he is one himself, the Kobe Bryant killer. Are all of these injuries really coincidence from aggressive play from All-Defense players? I think the resume stacks up too much against Bowen’s favor. It is very easy to be subtle in being a dirty player; I know, I am that dirty player whether on the basketball court or on the football field.

What I’m trying to say is, I believe Amare in that Bowen is a dirty player. But if Amare wants the NBA to “clean the game up a little bit,” he should know that the fingers will point at his teammates as well, maybe even himself. Bell is a notorious defender with aggressiveness like Bowen, and let’s not forget Steve Nash‘s Karl Malone-like kick to Kobe Bryant‘s crotch while driving for a layup in the last series. And how about charges? Those flops should receive ejections the way Nash abuses his star power to his favor; same goes for Leandro Barbosa.

Check out the play among all of the Suns’ dirtiness, especially from Steve Nash. That little snake with his Michael Jordan-like shove off his opponent before receiving the ball:

The Suns won Game 2 Tuesday 101-81 to even the series and head to San Antonio for Game 3 Saturday at 5pm PST on ABC.

The Golden State Warriors-Utah Jazz series might be the most exciting to watch in the second round, but these Western Conference powerhouses will add much intensity to the high level of talent, if any was even needed.


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