Busy Day For Goodell, Who Continues Hard-Pressed Ways

By Bryan Jeon

First it was Ricky Williams. Soon after, he closed the books on Adam PacmanJones. On Friday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell continued the crackdown of illicit off-the-field behavior, conveying that he’s not one to be messed with.

Williams took a drug test in April as part of his application for reinstatement after a  year off for violating the substance abuse policy, and surprise, surprise. He tested positive for marijuana and will now have to wait until September to reapply for reinstatement. That puts the pothead in a tough hole, as he’ll join a team at the start of the season, assuming he doesn’t fail the drug test again, missing all of training camp and the preseason.

Last season with the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL, he rushed for 526 yards on 109 carries but missed two months with a broken arm. Williams, 30, still owes the Miami Dolphins $8.6 million for breaching contract when he sat out the 2004 season, prompting his return to the NFL. It is unclear which team he will return for,  as the Dolphins haven’t confirmed that he will be guaranteed a spot on the roster come time.

Meanwhile, Pacman Jones met with the commish on Friday, appealing for leniency for the second time since the announcement of his suspension for the entire 2007 season. Like when Pacman went to a strip club the night before his April 3 meeting with Goodell, he received a speeding ticket four days before this meeting. Ultimately, Goodell told Jones his case could be reviewed after 10 games, which would be November 19 for the Titans. Tennessee has yet to make clear they want Jones back either, as they want to make sure he’s cleaned up his off-the-field act first.

Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is with getting a speeding ticket, and I hope going to a strip club is only dawned on Jones for his individual incident at the Las Vegas strip club during NBA All-Star weekend this past February, when Jones incited a fight that ended in a triple shooting and a man permanently paralyzed. It would be a bit of a stretch to punish every single player who has involvement with the police, and traffic violations are one of them. I understand the need for the players to step up their clean behavior as role models to millions of kids, but Goodell better not get overly power-hungry before it whirlwinds out of control and we have a fourth of the league sitting out, waiting to apply for reinstatement. Maybe the news should be turned away for once, as players should be given the freedom to have fun and go wherever they want to at night, like a lot of working men in the country go and do, as long as they stay out of trouble.

Last year, Jones had 63 tackles and 4 interceptions in 15 games for the Titans.

Williams image courtesy of deadspin.com
Jones image courtesy of sportsnet.ca


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