McNabb a Bear?

By Bryan Jeon

The Chicago Bears were Super Bowl runner-ups, with the quarterback position being a key weakness in their loss. They look to strengthen that position in a huge way with the hopes of trading Lance Briggs, who publicly said he would never play for Chicago again and who refused to report to minicamp on Friday, for Donovan McNabb.

Right after the NFL draft, McNabb was shocked, and more so concerned, that the Philadelphia Eagles spent their first pick on a quarterback in Houston’s Kevin Kolb. Now, McNabb might bust a move before the 2007 season begins for arguably, the best weakside linebacker in the game.

The Eagles could begin anew with Kolb at the helm in the future and A.J. Feeley to start things off. On defense, they hope to strengthen their linebacker corps with Briggs, 26,  and the addition of Takeo Spikes from the Buffalo Bills in a March trade.

As for Rex Grossman, he could be looking at starting on the sidelines, if McNabb were to come in. He would make for a viable backup if McNabb were to reinjure his knee again.

McNabb-Kolb image courtesy of AP Photo.
Briggs image courtesy of


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