NBA Lottery To Be Drawn Tonight

By Bryan Jeon

The power balls will be rolling at 5:30pm PST on ESPN. Watch to see if the Memphis Grizzlies, who have the best shot at the first overall pick with 25% of the balls, will have their ball drawn first. The Boston Celtics, at 19.9%, and the Milwaukee Bucks, at 15.6%, have the next best shots.

The lottery is used to select which teams get the first three picks in the draft. Then, the other 11 teams that qualified for the lottery are placed in the draft in reverse order of their winning percentage. How do the 14 teams qualify for the lottery? They are those that haven’t made the playoffs, unless they traded their draft pick. The Phoenix Suns, at 4th, and the Chicago Bulls, at 9th, are the only playoff teams in the lottery.

For you SoCal and NorCal fans, the Los Angeles Clippers have the worst shot of the 14 teams at winning with an 0.5% while the Sacramento Kings have the 10th-best shot at 1.8%.

Starting tonight, we can begin the debate on whether Greg Oden or Kevin Durant will go first. Other notable players to ponder in regards to the draft order are top international prospect from China, Yi Jianlian, who is projected to go third after the big two, as well as if the three Florida teammates in Al Horford, Corey Brewer and Joakim Noah can all squeeze into the Top 10.

The NBA Draft is June 28.


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