Stat of the Day

10 – The number of points scored by LeBron James on 5 of 15 shooting in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 79-76 loss to the Detroit Pistons in the Conference finals opener Monday night. The King didn’t attempt a single free throw all game and passed up a game-tying layup in the waning seconds for a wide-open Donyell Marshall, who missed the potential game-winning three-pointer.

Perhaps LeBron was trying to get his triple-double, as he finished with 10 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists. Game 2 is Thursday in Detroit at 5pm PST on TNT.


5 responses to “Stat of the Day

  1. As much of a teammate as LeBron is, I have to say that he chickened out of that easy bucket with one thought being that if he were fouled, he’d have to make both free throws just to tie the game.

    But then again, Steve Kerr made his open 3’s from MJ.

  2. Ah, the plot of the NBA playoffs. It’s just like a nighttime drama but better.

  3. Marshall was super open and a three point specialist. LeBron made the good pass in my opinion. Even if the Cavs tied, the way momentum was going Detriot probably would have outplayed them in OT anyways. We all know how big momentum is. Marshall flat out blew it under pressure. Closer game than I thought it’d be. I still think the Cavs can squeeze out a win before losing the series.

  4. My comment above. ^

  5. I concur with Vince. I don’t fault LeBron for passing and I wouldn’t have complained had he taken the shot himself. I’d say both were fairly high percentage shots; Marshall simply missed.
    And I wouldn’t say LeBron chickened out. In a way, passing on the lay up to go for the win took a lot of balls if anything.

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