Benches Clear As Marlins Top Phillies In 11

By Bryan Jeon

I always find myself so interested whenever the benches empty, including in baseball, where it happens many times throughout the course of each season.

On Thursday, rain delayed the start of the game for almost an hour and a half, but exciting action started in the first inning when Florida Marlins catcher Miguel Olivo gave Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Abraham Nunez a concussion, after Olivo connected with Nunez’s jaw on a follow-through throw to second base. All I have to say is a vicious open-handed fist Nunez received that forced him out of the game.

In the second inning, Phillies pitcher Jon Lieber hit Aaron Boone with a pitch. Three batters later, Lieber threw a pitch behind Dontrelle Willis. Naturally, Willis didn’t appreciate the wild pitch and consequently, threw a pitch behind Lieber when he came up to bat in the fourth inning. At the end of that inning, Willis shouted at the Phillies dugout and waved his glove at them (which I love when players use props to further instigate a situation). That of course, brought out the benches, including Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez, who was ejected in the third inning for arguing a call. One punch was thrown by an unidentified Marlin (how the hell was that person unidentifiable?), but no one was ejected.

Lieber claims he was throwing all over the place the entire game, and I believe him, as he went 5 innings, walking three, hitting two and having that wild pitch. Overall, it was a heated three-game series between the two teams, as the Marlins’ Scott  Olsen angrily screamed at Chase Utley after he walked him on Tuesday.

The Marlins (23-24) went on to beat the Phillies (23-24) in 11 innings and almost four hours later, 5-4.


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