The Elusive Ball

By Bryan Jeon

Friday night hosted a baseball auction, which included Barry Bonds 70th home run ball from his record-breaking 2001 season and several Hank Aaron memorabilia. Bonds’ ball fetched just $14,400 amid the steroid scandal while a number of Aaron’s items went for much more, including an autographed Aaron jersey for $40,000.

Home run number 755 Saturday night, which was caught by 33-year-old plumber Adam Hughes of La Jolla, is expected to go for roughly $50-100K, but it’s a given number 756 will be worth seven figures.

So how far is one willing to go to catch that elusive ball? Although Bonds has taken nearly a week to hit each of his last couple of home runs, you just know he’s going to celebrate his record at AT&T Park next week. How far are you willing to travel to be a part of history? To possibly be an instant millionaire? I’m not going to lie. I’ve daydreamed about making a trip to the Bay Area everyday for the last month and catching that record-breaking ball. (Hell, I’d rent a one-person canoe and camp out in McCovey Cove, if I had to. And believe me, I played out some crazy, unrealistic shit in my head like standing in the right field bleachers and if the ball dropped in the water, I’d paraglide down and jump in to catch that sucker.)

But the bottom line is, I won’t miss class and work for when the day comes, sadly. But I promise in a couple of years, I’ll make every effort to watch (and hopefully, catch) A-Rod‘s record-breaking ball.


One response to “The Elusive Ball

  1. Im with u on the A-Rod HR ball. Let’s do this! haha

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