Fights, A Coach Screaming About What It’s Like To Have Kids and Grossman Gone

By Bryan Jeon

Griese To Start Sunday:
I swear Lovie Smith should’ve been suspended for not making a move on Rex Grossman sooner. After Grossman threw three picks for a shellacking by the Cowboys dropped them to 1-2, Smith has announced on Wednesday that Brian Griese will start next Sunday at Detroit. Seriously, if Smith even plays Grossman for one more down at any point in the season, he needs to get fired for his deliberate and obvious harm towards the team.

Through three games this season, Grossman has just 1 touchdown, six interceptions (only Drew Brees has more with 7) and a 45.2 passer rating (only Tarvaris Jackson is worse with a 40.0). Down with the T-Rex!

Fantasy Advice: No gold hidden in any offensive player on this team, from Griese to Grossman to all of their receivers, Chicago D is all that’s fantasy-worthy here.

Oklahoma State Coach in Press Conference:
After Oklahoma State won in a wild shootout, 49-45, over Texas Tech, OSU coach Mike Gundy had other issues to address in his postgame press conference. He publicly attacked newspaper columnist Jenni Carlson about an article which stated possible reasons why quarterback Bobby Reid lost his starting job.

I won’t say more other than his address is pretty money: ESPN video

NHL Preseason:
And last but not least, NHL preseason looks to be in full force, heading into the last week before the regular season begins September 29. Monday saw the first time the New York Islanders and New York Rangers met after Chris Simon’s stick-swinging attack on Ryan Hollweg landed him a 25-game suspension on March 8. And you better believe the two were ready to throw down in a game that didn’t even count (You just have to admire when the goalies go at it, too. And I mean everyone.)

2 responses to “Fights, A Coach Screaming About What It’s Like To Have Kids and Grossman Gone

  1. Lovie is clueless.

    Rex should have been on the bench learning for 2 seasons before getting in the game. Now he’s a headcase. Griese… 2 years older and probably rusty as hell.

    It’s obvious to all now, and he’s still oblivious.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know anyone still cared about the NHL, much less the NHL PRESEASON. Keep up the good work on sports news I would not get anywhere else!

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