Umpire Winters Suspended For Season

By Bryan Jeon

Umpire Mike Winters has been suspended for the remainder of the regular season for allegedly using a profanity at Milton Bradley. Bradley had claimed he was baited by Winters to lead to his ejection in Sunday’s game before tearing his ACL in a bizarre moment.

I’m sure whether the commissioner’s office decides to give out the real reason for the suspension or not is kind of trivial now, as they made it clear to punish Winters for his  unacceptable actions.

In a totally unrelated matter, I play in an adult softball league every Tuesday night. Well, last night the game before mine had a pretty awesome incident that occurred. In the last inning, a batter exchanged some words with a player in the opposing team’s dugout. I thought nothing of it. Then, after the batter got on with a base hit, he takes the time to call time out at first base, then started walking over to the dugout like he was ready to hug it out with the guy, who takes the route of trying to laugh off the situation.

At that moment, the umpire ejected the player sitting in the dugout and watched him leave. Not satisfied that he could see the player lingering around in the area, he said exactly, “I want you out of my sight! I mean it! Damnit!” Poor old guy probably nearly had a heart attack. The runner on first starts clapping like a mental patient and is still running his mouth when the umpire has some left in him to yell out a “You shutup!”

The game ends with the runner stranded and his team with a tough one-run loss. The runner quickly takes his shirt off on the field–in a co-ed league, mind you–and heads towards the parking lot. Apparently, the ejected player was waiting for him to create a nice scene.

Police showed up courtesy of good umpire (Winters = bad umpire). We didn’t have none of that cheesy ballpark security, who can’t chase down a streaking fan to save their lives.

We had to forfeit our game because we didn’t have enough girls, but we still wanted to play. But the damn umpire wouldn’t officiate a game that didn’t count so he left. God, I hate him. He’s the worst umpire ever.


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