Sunday Morning Picks

By Bryan Jeon

Season: 29-19
Last week: 10-6

Week 3 Recap: McNabb backs up his words. (Can he do the same against Eli?) I’m sold on Jeff Garcia leading the Bucs to the playoffs. Are the Chargers (and Saints) just bad or are the Packers that good?

Week 4 Picks:

Sunday Morning:
Green Bay (3-0) over Minnesota (1-2) – I still don’t believe the Packers are as good as their record indicates. They’ll pull this one out, and I’m expecting a Bears spanking next week as well to silence the non-believers.
Miami (0-3) over Oakland (1-2) – Joey Porter guaranteed a win so I got to go with the Dolphins this week.
NY Jets (1-2) over Buffalo (0-3)
Houston (2-1) over Atlanta (0-3) -Ex-Falcon Matt Schaub should win in an air-out over Joey Harrington.
Detroit (2-1) over Chicago (1-2) – No immediate savior in Brian Griese this week.
Baltimore (2-1) over Cleveland (1-2) – The Ravens have had trouble closing out games but should win this one against the Browns.
Dallas (3-0) over St. Louis (0-3) – The Rams with no offense is like Ron Jeremy with no penis. Dallas more than covers the 13-point spread.
Sunday Afternoon:
Tampa Bay (2-1) over Carolina (2-1) – The ever-so efficient Jeff Garcia will show David Carr a thing or two.
Seattle (2-1) over San Francisco (2-1)
San Diego (1-2) over Kansas City (1-2) – The Chargers should be able to have their way with the Chiefs, as their 11.5-point spread indicates.
Pittsburgh (3-0) over Arizona (1-2)
Indianapolis (3-0) over Denver (2-1)
Sunday Night:
Philadelphia (1-2) over NY Giants (1-2) – McNabb should exploit the Giants ‘D’ while Eli Manning still looked sloppy in their win over the Redskins last week.
Monday Night:
New England (3-0) over Cincinnati (1-2) – The Bengals’ defense, or lack of one, will be their downfall, as they won’t be able to catch up to the Patriots on either side of the ball.


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