College Football Recap

Stats of the Day:

  • 8 – The number of Top 25 teams that lost this week, marking yet another typical Saturday to a wild season of college football.
  • 3 – The number of consecutive weeks the No. 2 team in the AP Poll has lost, most recently South Florida being upset by Rutgers, 30-27.
  • 0 – The number of touchdowns caught by Texas Tech’s Michael Crabtree in the Red Raiders’ 41-10 loss to Missouri, keeping him at 17 for the season. He finished the game with 10 receptions for 76 yards, leading the nation in receptions, yards, receiving TD’s and scoring.

Upset of the Day: #2 South Florida (6-1) 27 – 30 Rutgers (5-2)
Ray Rice didn’t find the endzone, but he put in enough work for Rutgers to overcome three turnovers to pull off the upset. The junior back had 181 yards on 39 carries, as South Florida dropped to No. 10. Next up for South Florida: at No. 23 Connecticut.
Scare of the Day: #1 Ohio State (8-0) 24 – 17 Michigan State (5-3)
The Buckeyes had a 24-0 lead in the second half but didn’t secure the win until the final minute, when they converted a third down play to run out the clock. Chris Wells had 31 carries for 221 yards and a score to keep the Buckeyes on top for at least another week. Next up for Ohio State: at No. 25 Penn State.
Surprise of the Day: #14 USC (6-1) 38 – 0 Notre Dame (1-7)
So much for Charlie Weis making the move to start Evan Sharpley at quarterback. Sharpley had a poor game, throwing for just 117 yards and an interception while Mark Sanchez, making just his second career start, threw for 235 yards and 4 touchdowns to hand the Fighting Irish their worst defeat in the history of their rivalry. Next up for the Trojans: at No. 5 Oregon.

Top Five in the BCS Standings:

  1. Ohio State (8-0, Big Ten)
  2. Boston College (7-0, ACC)
  3. LSU (7-1, SEC)
  4. Arizona State (7-0, Pac-10)
  5. Oregon (6-1, Pac-10)

3 responses to “College Football Recap

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  2. USC is shaping up–and healing–nicely. But their upcoming game against Oregon will be a true barometer of where they are as a team.

    All these upsets are fun and add craziness to an already hectic season (due to the BCS), but, as a friend of mine asked, is this really parity or just sloppy football? A lot of teams aren’t winning because they’re better, but purely out of luck, as in trick plays, and poor execution by opposing teams.

  3. I think parity definitely has to be mentioned, as trick plays alone can’t beat an elite team the entire game. When teams display their off night, it shows their vulnerability and that the parity can allow either team to win on any given night.

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