Sunday Morning Picks

By Bryan Jeon

Last week: 11-3

Week 8 Picks:

Sunday Morning:
Indianapolis (6-0) over Carolina (4-2) – Think 43-year-old Vinny Testaverde can knock off the undefeated Colts? Not likely.
Cleveland (3-3) over St. Louis (0-7) – Derek Anderson will have no trouble putting points on the board against a team that will finally have all of its star players back in the starting lineup and looking for its first win.
NY Giants (5-2) over Miami (0-7) – In the first regular season game outside of North America in NFL history, the Giants should have their way against the winless Fins.
Philadelphia (2-4) over Minnesota (2-4) – The Vikings hung with the Cowboys for much of the game last week, but Tarvaris Jackson keeps the offense from moving the ball. Fortunately, a broken finger for Jackson takes him out of the game, as Kelly Holcomb has shown he’s more than able to help Minnesota’s offense. (Let me just add that Donovan McNabb’s comments a while back about black quarterbacks being treated more harshly takes a huge hit in credibility with a quarterback by the name of Tarvaris Jackson. In four games played this season, Jackson has a 45.9 completion percentage and has a season-high of 166 yards passing. He has a 48.7 QB rating, good for last in the league and the team ranks 30th in passing yards per game. I can go on and on with the numbers, but my point is that Jackson has never received any threat to losing his starting job when it’s more than clear, he does not deserve it. Without Adrian Peterson, Minnesota would be 0-6, as he single-handedly ran wild for those two victories. Keep Jackson on the pine!)
Pittsburgh (4-2) over Cincinnati (2-4) – The Steelers were forced to play catch-up the entire second half in their loss to Denver last week but should control the game against a Bengals team that just managed to squeak out a victory against the lowly Jets.
Chicago (3-4) over Detroit (4-2) – Don’t look now but Brian Griese is playing like Chicago’s offensive savior, as his play thus far will never allow him to give up his starting job. He’s finally got the Bears putting points on the board, and it’s up to their banged up defense to stop the Lions’ potent passing game and to redeem their Week 4 loss at Detroit in a 37-27 thriller.
Tennessee (4-2) over Oakland (2-4) – This will be the first game in which this year’s number one overall draft pick, JaMarcus Russell, will suit up as the third string and one step closer to the end of the short era of Daunte Culpepper as the Raiders’ starting quarterback. Oh yeah, Vince Young’s back and should return to his winning ways.
Sunday Afternoon:
Buffalo (2-4) over NY Jets (1-6) – It looks like Chad Pennington is safe from Kellen Clemens taking his job, but the story of the week has been the loss of star linebacker Jonathan Vilma for the season, which should only make things tougher for the Jets on both sides of the ball.
Tampa Bay (4-3) over Jacksonville (4-2) – With efficient David Garrard out for about a month with a severely sprained ankle, I see Quinn Gray turning the ball over several times today to a tough Bucs ‘D’ and an inoperable offense in the coming weeks.
San Diego (3-3) over Houston (3-4) – After practicing all week in Arizona due to the SoCal wildfires, the Chargers will get to try to continue their streak in Qualcomm Stadium (who knows how many will show up?), reeling off of two impressive wins to suddenly turn around what looked to be a disappointing season.
New Orleans (2-4) over San Francisco (2-4) – The Saints are another team trying to ride the momentum off a 2-game winning streak heading into San Francisco, who will be happy to get Alex Smith back after Trent Dilfer led them to three embarrassing losses.
New England (7-0) over Washington (4-2) – 5-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman Richard Seymour returns for the first time this season to strengthen what is already a solid Patriots ‘D’ and team. Another game, another 16.5-point spread for which the Patriots seemingly cover with ease.
Monday Night:
Denver (3-3) over Green Bay (5-1) – It seems like forever ago that Green Bay was among the top of the league as an undefeated team (just 3 weeks ago). Off a bye week, they head to Denver, who upset Pittsburgh there last Monday on a game-winning field goal as time expired.


4 responses to “Sunday Morning Picks

  1. You know what’s dumb? The fact that I’m probably gonna miss the game of the season (Pats-Colts) because of a Raiders games. I also have the Raiders to thank for missing the Pats-Cowboys game.

  2. Chris, you sure they’re showing the Oakland-Houston game up there next week instead of the “Game of the Decade?” Is it a regular viewing in NorCal like the Chargers are to SoCal? That’s got to suck. I already had enough missing the Pats-Cowboys game earlier. But CBS is showing this one.

  3. So I found out what’s up with this time slot situation. If the Raiders sellout their tickets for the game by 1:15 pm today (Thursday), the Oakland-Houston game will be aired. However, luckily, according to most observers, the game is unlikely to sellout. Meaning the Pats-Colts game will be aired. Thank goodness.

  4. That’s an interesting plan they have set up. That’s good to hear.

    And after my huge promotion on the game in my previous comment, I just found out my free Clippers-Sonics tix I snatched last week are for Sunday at 12:30p. You got to love it. So at the very least, I won’t be watching the game live. :(

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