College Football Recap

Stats of the Day:

  • 2 – Number of weeks ago that California (5-3) was ranked second in the nation. Three straight losses have dropped them out of all of the polls. They were No. 21 in the BCS before Saturday’s loss to No. 4 Arizona State (8-0), 31-20. Next up for Cal: Washington State (3-5), who upset UCLA (5-3), 27-7.
  • 20 – Number of 100-yard rushing games by Rutgers’ Ray Rice, setting a school record for most 100-yard games. Rice had 30 carries for 142 yards in the Scarlet Knights’ (5-3) 31-3 loss to No. 7 West Virginia (7-1). The junior back has 5 100-yard games this year, and the team has four games remaining. Next up: at No. 13 Connecticut (7-1).
  • 100 – Number of receptions for Texas Tech’s Michael Crabtree, setting an NCAA freshman record for receptions in a season with 12 on the day for 131 yards and a touchdown. He also set the Big 12 season record with 18 touchdowns and already set the NCAA freshman record for receiving yards (1,451) and touchdowns this season. The Red Raiders (6-3) lost to Colorado (5-4), 31-26, and have three games remaining. Next up for Texas Tech: at Baylor (3-6).

Upset of the Day: #14 Kentucky (6-3) 14 – 31 Mississippi St (5-4)
The Wildcats turned the ball over six times, all in the second half, to doom themselves in this SEC matchup. Andre’ Woodson, who is second in the nation behind only Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell with 28 touchdown passes, threw three picks, as Kentucky suffered back-to-back losses. Next up for Kentucky: at Vanderbilt (5-3) on 11/10.
Scare of the Day: #9 Kansas (8-0) 19 – 11 Texas A&M (6-3)
Senior fullback Brandon McAnderson had a career day, with 21 carries for 183 yards and 2 scores to lead the Jayhawks to their first 8-0 start since 1909. Kansas went for and failed a 2-point conversion early in the fourth quarter that could have come back to bite them had the Aggies scored a touchdown at the end of the game. Next up for Kansas: Nebraska (4-5).
Surprise of the Day: Div. III Trinity 28 – 24 Millsaps
Down 24-22 with 2 seconds left in the game and the ball on their own 39, Trinity does the unthinkable. 15 laterals and 61 seconds later, Trinity goes in untouched for the game-winning score. Well-planned and great coaching is what I say. But in all seriousness, that takes some coordination and athleticism to execute that. But enough from me. See it to believe it.

Top Five in the BCS Standings:

  1. Ohio State (9-0, Big Ten)
  2. Boston College (8-0, ACC)
  3. LSU (7-1, SEC)
  4. Arizona State (8-0, Pac-10)
  5. Oregon (7-1, Pac-10)

4 responses to “College Football Recap

  1. I wonder if coaches have any drills that cater to these particular lateral-necessary moments. I agree that it takes some serious athleticism and coordination, but damn, you need a whole lotta luck, especially when you just toss it over your head, hoping a teammate is there to catch it.

    What’s your take on this Pac-10 vs. SEC debate?

  2. I do know that teams practice tipping drills to a certain extent. That’s the only remotely similar drill I can think of, but normally coaches get pissed off if you do any lateral in the game.

    And they knew who they were throwing it to, mad skill! Two players from Millsaps got KTFO at the end of the play, including the guy who got blocked and his helmet fell right off.

    As for the two conferences, are you talking about which one’s better? I do have to say SEC is the toughest conference in all of college football although, the Pac-10 made a name for second on this list this season. Bring on the arguments if you think otherwise.

  3. I think I’m going to agree with you and say the SEC is the overall best conference in college sports. The SEC is simply stacked with up-and-coming teams and juggernaut programs with winning traditions, something i think the Pac-10 lacks. Oregon and ASU may be better teams than Florida, Alabama and Auburn, but they lack the SEC’s storied history. And i think it kinda hurts the Pac-10 in the public’s perception.

    However, i’ll say that the Pac-10 probably has better skill position players, especially at quarterback and speedy wide recievers. I think the Pac-10 in general plays more of a pro style offense.

  4. I can’t say that Oregon and ASU are outright better teams than Florida, Alabama and Auburn. Records suggest otherwise, but that’s because it’s not every week that every Pac-10 matchup could be a good bowl game like the SEC.

    I can tell you ASU wouldn’t be undefeated right now and as a matter of fact, both teams would probably have multiple losses. (Mad props to LSU at 7-1.) And losing is the number one thing that will hurt your rankings, no matter how tough the competition.

    Hopefully, we can have some of the talked-about 5 teams matched up in bowl games and go from there, although one game is obviously an insufficient gauge on two teams.

    I will agree that Pac-10 runs heavy on offenses while the SEC generally has stingy defenses. But let’s not forget about standouts Tim Tebow, who has the highest QB rating in the nation, and Andre’ Woodson, who is second in the nation with 28 TD passes in 9 games.

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