Sunday Morning Picks

By Bryan Jeon

Season: 87-43
Last week: 11-3

Week 9 Recap: Big ups to individual performers, Drew Brees and Adrian Peterson.
Brees’ 445 passing yards was the most since Week 3 when Jon Kitna threw for 446 yards. It also helps that Brees throws the most in the NFL. He threw 49 times last Sunday in the Saints’ 41-24 win over Jacksonville and averages 42 per game on the season.
“All Day” had 296 yards on 30 carries in the Vikings’ 35-17 upset over San Diego. The last time that happened was, well, never. Peterson set an NFL-single game record for most rushing yards, breaking Jamal Lewis‘s 2003 record of 295 yards. It is the second time A.P. ran for 200 yards in a game this season, the first time ever by a rookie. His NFL-leading 1,036 yards is on pace to shatter Eric Dickerson‘s rookie record of 1,808 yards set in 1983. Dickerson also owns the single-season rushing record of 2,105 yards the following year, which Peterson can also break. He’s going to have one of a hell of a career if an injury doesn’t catch up with his hard running style…
Second week in a row I finish in second at my $20 office pool when Big Ben threw 5 first-half touchdowns on MNF for me to lose by 6 total points.

Week 10 Picks:

Sunday Morning:
Pittsburgh (6-2) over Cleveland (5-3) – Pittsburgh is 4-0 at home and the Steelers’ 34-7 season-opening romp over their division rivals are reasons why they’ll win this one at Heinz Field.
Philadelphia (3-5) over Washington (5-3) -The first of many picks this week I feel where the underdog will go off and win the game. Yes, Washington won the first game between the two, 20-12 in Week 2, but there will be no way Philly will be held to four field goals again. Look for a solid game from both Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook to beat the ‘Skins.
Carolina (4-4) over Atlanta (2-6) – The Panthers beat the Falcons, 27-20, in Week 3 and this game is in Carolina, as Atlanta is 0-4 on the road.
New Orleans (4-4) over St. Louis (0-8) – New Orleans is on a 4-game winning streak and will make the Rams wait another week to win their first game of the season.
Miami (0-8) over Buffalo (4-4) – The Bills are on a 3-game winning streak and coming off an impressive 33-21 victory over Cincinnati, where Marshawn Lynch ran for a career-high 153 yards in his short career. But I don’t see him having that same success at Dolphin Stadium, as I’m sure Miami worked on their run ‘D’ during the bye week to keep Lynch under 100 yards rushing for the day.
Denver (3-5) over Kansas City (4-4) – Yes, the Broncos are coming off of a 44-7 spanking by the Lions last week, but Jay Cutler should bounce back from his injury to lead Denver to a win.
Jacksonville (5-3) over Tennessee (6-2) – I said the winning would stop sooner or later and the buck stops here. Against an elite team in Jacksonville, Vince Young will not have what it takes to keep the Titans rolling.
Minnesota (3-5) over Green Bay (7-1) – Still on my A.P. high, I say Peterson works the magic yet again. In Minnesota’s Week 4 loss to Green Bay, 23-16, Peterson had just 12 carries for 112 yards. As the featured back on the team now, look for him to double his carries with at least 150 yards rushing.
Sunday Afternoon:
Baltimore (4-4) over Cincinnati (2-6) – Neither of these teams are what they were thought out to be, as both teams are coming off of 2-game losing streaks against Buffalo and Pittsburgh. Ravens in an ugly squeaker.
Dallas (7-1) over NY Giants (6-2) – The top 2 teams in the NFC East meet again since the Cowboys’ 45-35 shootout win over the Giants in the season opener. I expect the Cowboys to put points on the board at ease against a defense that has been stingy, resulting in a 6-game winning streak for New York.
Detroit (6-2) over Arizona (3-5) – Detroit, playoff-bound? Another solid win today will seemingly put them in a position to run the tables on a wild card spot and put the pressure on the Packers in the NFC North.
Chicago (3-5) over Oakland (2-6) – The Bears have won every other game in the last five games Brian Griese has taken over at the helm. He’s due this week against an Oakland squad reeling on a 4-game losing streak.
Sunday Night:
Indianapolis (7-1) over San Diego (4-4) – The Chargers quieted the hype somewhat in this game by losing to Minnesota last week. They looked to have regained their form in their three wins prior to the loss, but with the step back, now I see Peyton Manning running the show and having his way against San Diego.
Monday Night:
Seattle (4-4) over San Francisco (2-6) – What were they thinking scheduling this game on MNF? An intense NFC West matchup? Seattle shares the worst record as a division leader but should win at home against a team they beat, 23-3, in Week 4.


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