College Football Recap

By Bryan Jeon

It was known that Missouri was going to have their hands full in the Big 12 Championship against the only team they lost to before in Oklahoma. What was not expected was for West Virginia to fall to Pittsburgh in the Brackyard Brawl, knocking Nos. 1 and 2 out of the BCS National Championship Game in the final week.

Upset of the Day: #2 West Virginia (10-2) 9 – 13 Pittsburgh (5-7)
Mountaineers fans experienced a slow, torturous death when Pat White dislocated his thumb in the second quarter and didn’t return until it was too late. To show the magnitude of White’s absence in West Virginia’s offense, he led the team in passing yards and rushing yards while playing just half of the game.
Scare of the Day: #12 Hawaii (12-0) 35 – 28 Washington (4-9)
With the win, Hawaii becomes the only undefeated Division I-A team in the nation. That’s an awesome feat to accomplish but National Championship Game? Are you kidding me? Boise St and Hawaii had the two easiest schedules in the nation. That’s right, their strength of schedule had them at Nos. 119 and 120 in the entire country. Seeing that Hawaii won their last four contests by a combined 28 points (and how they had to rally from 21 down against the worst team in the Pac-10) and the only ranked team they faced all season was their conference rival, Boise St, I feel that a BCS bowl game is perfectly deserving for them.
Game of the Day: #1 Missouri (11-2) 17 – 38 #9 Oklahoma (11-2)
The only thing that prevented the Tigers from playing in the National Championship Game were the boys from Oklahoma. Twice. Chase Daniel, who was suddenly a big name in the Heisman race the last few weeks, didn’t throw a touchdown pass for the first time this season. As a result of the loss, Kansas jumped Missouri into playing in a BCS bowl game. Next up for No. 6 Missouri: Cotton Bowl against Arkansas (8-4).

Final BCS Standings:

  1. Ohio State (11-1, 7-1 Big Ten) – NCG vs. LSU
  2. LSU (11-2, 6-2 SEC) – NCG vs. Ohio State
  3. Virginia Tech (11-2, 7-1 ACC) – Orange Bowl vs. No. 8 Kansas (11-1)
  4. Oklahoma (11-2, 6-2 Big 12) – Fiesta Bowl vs. No. 9 West Virginia
  5. Georgia (10-2, 6-2 SEC) – Sugar Bowl vs. No. 10 Hawaii

Fast Forecast: Ohio State goes to the National Championship Game for the second year in a row against an SEC team. Let’s hope for a more competitive game this time around. Meanwhile, LSU is the first 2-loss team to play in the NCG. Those undeserving bastards. No, they’re the best 2-loss team in the nation. Hell, both of their losses went to triple overtime, one of them against a ranked opponent. 7 of their 13 games were against ranked teams. Who do you think is the number 2 team in the nation? With this year’s curse on the 2-seed, that school doesn’t have a shot in the NCG anyway, right?

Not flawed system, just common sense-less system: I like how Kansas jumped Missouri for the Orange Bowl, even though Missouri beat them head-to-head and they went to the Big 12 Championship while Kansas stayed at home. Don’t feed on the one-loss record either or I’ll ask you why Hawaii’s not in the NCG.

WhACk magic: I’m sure we all see Hawaii following in the footsteps of conference rival Boise St last year. To refresh memories, Boise went undefeated and then knocked off a solid Oklahoma team in a BCS bowl game. Colt Brennan will lead the Warriors and their hooligan fans to an upset over Georgia.

USC, the forgotten school: Hey, they only finished with two losses too (no, I don’t get my to/too/two usage mixed up) and finished 7th in the BCS, ending up in the Rose Bowl against No. 13 Illinois (9-3). Yeah, I know. That’s the best they could draw with the rule that no conference can have no more than 2 teams in the BCS bowls, leaving No. 6 Missouri (No. 4 Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl/No. 8 Kansas in the Orange Bowl) and No. 12 Florida (No. 2 LSU in the NCG/No. 5 Georgia in the Sugar Bowl) settling for consolation bowls. And they can’t play No. 11 Arizona St because well, we saw the 20-point Trojan drubbing last week.

Tebow will be the first Heisman underclassman: For all of you who think Florida isn’t as good as they’re ranked just because they have 3 losses, you obviously haven’t watched a Florida game. I think they’re grossly under-ranked. I’d have them at roughly No. 6 in the nation, as they’re 6-0 against non-conference opponents and have two of their three losses to LSU and Georgia, two of the top five schools in the nation. And right behind Florida in the BCS is 3-loss Illinois. The Illini lost to Michigan in the regular season, who the Gators play in the Capital One Bowl. I’m telling you, Tim Tebow is going to hand it to the Wolverines so bad. He’s going to make Lloyd Carr feel ashamed he ever coached Michigan. I mean, just shove his broken hand into…well, you get the picture. For any of you doubters, watch the sophomore stud on New Year’s Day and feel the wrath of what the third best team in the SEC can do. (Bonus: One more rushing TD and he breaks the record for most rushing TDs by a QB with 23.)

Now that the 2007-08 bowl schedule is out, it’s time for predictions!


7 responses to “College Football Recap

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  2. I’m with you on Hawaii. I’ll take a two-loss SEC team over an undefeated WAC team any day. I’m not sure if Hawaii would be more than one or two games over .500 playing LSU’s schedule. But i have to disagree with you on one thing, Georgia is gonna tap that ass in the Sugar Bowl.

    Thinking within the BCS system, I think they got it right with LSU and Ohio State. However, I don’t think they are the two best teams in the nation, and far from the best match up. The teams playing the best at the moment or that have the best talent are USC, Oklahoma, and Georgia.

    Before this weekend, I was really hoping for a Rose Bowl featuring USC-OSU or USC-Georgia. Those two games would’ve trumped any other bowl game. Instead, we get USC-Illinois which simply lacks any sex appeal at all in my opinion.

  3. I have to say LSU’s still one of the best teams in the nation, but their lack of an exciting offense makes for such bad TV viewing. It’s crazy how they get right back to the 2-seed just one week after losing this late in the season.

    If all the top teams didn’t lose in the last week, people were calling for a USC-LSU Rose Bowl, which would have been very interesting. But as for USC, have they been playing dominant lately? I didn’t watch the game, but were they impressive in their 24-7 win over UCLA?

  4. Visit Heisman Watch on the ESPN web site and you’ll find descriptions of nine fantastic college football players, six of whom are quarterbacks. Missing from the list, however, is one player who, by any standard of measurement, should also be included as a serious candidate for the award. That player is Sam Bradford.

    As a redshirt freshman, he lead the Oklahoma Sooners to an 11-2 finish, capped by a sound 38-17 thrashing of then-top rated Missouri, a Big 12 Conference title and an opportunity to play #9 West Virginia in the Fiesta Bowl.

    A look at the quarterbacks stats page on ESPN shows Bradford finished the season as the highest-rated passer (180.5) in Division 1, in part, by completing a best-in-the-nation 70.1 percent of his passes. But that’s not all:

    Bradford also set an NCAA record for touchdown passes (34) by a freshman;

    Only three top 10 quarterbacks — Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell (45), Tulsa’s Paul Smith (42) and Hawaii’s Colt Brennan (38) — threw more TDs than Bradford; and

    Bradford’s team lost only one game (Colorado, 27-24) in which he played more than three plays. In a Nov. 17 loss to Texas Tech (34-27), he suffered a concussion on OU’s first play from scrimmage and had to leave the game soon after.

    To some, it might seem Bradford is following in the footsteps of former Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson. Now setting records as a Minnesota Viking in the NFL, Peterson finished second in the Heisman Trophy after a remarkable freshman season during which he gained 1925 yards and led the nation in carries with 339.

    The difference, however, is this: Thanks to sites like ESPN’s Heisman Watch, it seems as if Bradford isn’t even receiving consideration alongside quarterbacks like Florida’s Tim Tebow, West Virginia’s Pat White, Brennan and, most importantly, Missouri’s Chase Daniel, whom the Sooners QB defeated and outplayed twice.

    When awards like this are given based on popularity and marketing ability rather than performance and talent, the trophy begins to appear tarnished.

  5. Many people think USC is the hottest team in the nation. They are finally healthy and playing up to the their potential. I don’t think any team in the country could’ve beaten the Trojans on Thanksgiving when they pummeled Arizona State.

    Their game against UCLA was less dominant than the score indicates. The defense, which has been consistently awesome all season, was there, but they sputtered offensely at times. No one from their young receiving corp has yet to break out.

  6. hotoffthepress: If consideration is all you want for Bradford, I’m with you, especially since Chase Daniel is reportedly among the top five finalists. The trophy is greatly subjective with no clear-cut criteria to decide from, as are most awards in all of the sports, but choosing a winner is all part of the excitement.

    Chris, I guess it’s surprising that I’ve never heard that about USC. They did show dominance for one week against ASU, but I still don’t consider them a top-10 team right now. Anyone but Illinois and I’d be picking against them in the Rose Bowl.

  7. The Sooner Schooner will be burning its wheels right off. GO OU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOMER SOOOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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