Thursday Morning Picks: Week 14

By Bryan Jeon

Season: 125-67
Last week: 7-9
Brandon Funston (top Yahoo! expert): 124-68

Week 13 Recap: Are the Pats due? Two weeks straight, New England won by just 3 points, this time to the lowly Ravens. They never led in the second half until 44 seconds left in the game and had to score the final 10 points of the game to do so. Tom Brady threw 2 TD passes to give him 41 on the season, 8 back of Peyton Manning‘s single-season record with 4 games remaining.

Okay, I admit the Colts are better than the Jags after beating them for the second time this season, but if they just played one more time…

I just lost all hope in the Dolphins winning one this year after John Beck turned the ball over five times against the Jets, who put up 40 points. It would take the Fins about 12 quarters to put up that many points. Maybe they shouldn’t have traded away Chris Chambers just yet, since you know, they’re not the most loaded offense in the league.

How about Adrian Peterson? The rookie is just sick, continuing to impress week in and week out. He had 15 carries for 116 yards for a 7.7 average and two scores against the Lions, leading the NFL handily despite missing two games and get this, he leads the league with a season average of 6.5 yards per carry.


Minnesota (6-6) – W Detroit 42-10, @ San Francisco (3-9)
St. Louis (3-9) – W Atlanta 28-16, @ Cincinnati (4-8)

Detroit (6-6) – L Minnesota 42-10, Dallas (11-1)
Washington (5-7) L Buffalo 17-16, Chicago (5-7)

My Power Rankings:

  1. New England (12-0) – W Baltimore 27-24, Pittsburgh (9-3)
  2. Dallas (11-1) – W Green Bay 37-27, @ Detroit (6-6)
  3. Indianapolis (10-2) – W Jacksonville 28-25, @ Baltimore (4-8)
  4. Pittsburgh (9-3) – W Cincinnati 24-10, @ New England (12-0)
  5. Green Bay (10-2) – L Dallas 27-37, Oakland (4-8)

Week 14 Picks:

Chicago (5-7) over Washington (5-7) – I can’t believe the Skins couldn’t win one for Sean Taylor. It’s not like they had to go up against New England. They played Buffalo. At home. Without Marshawn Lynch. With Trent Edwards. Sigh.
Sunday Morning:
Jacksonville (8-4) over Carolina (5-7) – The Jags just aren’t top-5 material yet. Against the Colts last week, they won the time of possession (35:45 to 24:15), gained 168 rushing yards on a 5.4 average while David Garrard went 24-of-29 with 2 TDs, for a total yards edge (411 to 342) and still end up losing. The Panthers decided to win their first contest in six tries at home while breaking a 5-game losing streak with good ol’ Vinny Testaverde back at the helm.
Philadelphia (5-7) over NY Giants (8-4) – What the hell happened to A.J. Feeley? One week after nearly ending the Patriots’ perfect season, he goes and throws 4 picks in the loss to Seattle. Regardless of whether or not Donovan McNabb returns, the Giants will be hungry for a Week 4 encore, where they recorded 12 sacks en route to a 16-3 victory. I’d be surprised if the Giants staff wasn’t secretly looking to replace Eli Manning.
St. Louis (3-9) over Cincinnati (4-8)
Tampa Bay (8-4) over Houston (5-7)
Buffalo (6-6) over Miami (0-12) – Week 10: Buffalo W 13-10. I can’t decide what’s worse, the Dolphins’ offense or their defense.
Green Bay (10-2) over Oakland (4-8) – No way Brett Favre‘s going to let a separated shoulder keep him out next week and jeopardize his 250th consecutive regular-season start, dating back to 1992, the longest streak ever by a quarterback.
Dallas (11-1) over Detroit (6-6) – ESPN note: Lions must protect Kitna in order to win. Oh, do they mean that. Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman has said this week that he will hurt Jon Kitna to the point that he is ready to take a $30,000 fine for it. This will definitely be a fun game to watch on both sides of the ball. Tony Romo and Terrell Owens look to make it eight straight games they’ve hooked up for a touchdown.
San Diego (7-5) over Tennessee (7-5) – It has taken the Bolts twelve games to finally lead their division alone. Maybe Vince Young‘s Madden curse was worse than an injury. Maybe it was for the people to see that he’s actually far from a good quarterback. He has 7 TDs and 14 INTs in 11 games played this season, including at least one in each of his last five games, for a 68.9 passer rating.
Sunday Afternoon:
New England (12-0) over Pittsburgh (9-3) – Like all of the Patriots players are asking, who is this Anthony Smith? A safety, who’s only played this season because of an injury to the starter, the Steelers are just one of two teams remaining on New England’s schedule with a winning record (Giants in Week 17). If the Pats win, they will have beaten the three best teams in the NFL during the regular season. Not many teams in history can say they’ve done that.
Minnesota (6-6) over San Francisco (3-9) – Revised Wild-Card predictions: the Vikings will make the playoffs.
Seattle (8-4) over Arizona (6-6) – The Seahawks are 4-0 since switching to a pass-first offense. Not too hard of a decision since Shaun Alexander is having a paltry season. He has 557 rushing yards for the season on 3.3 yards per carry and just 3 TDs.
Cleveland (7-5) over NY Jets (3-9)
Denver (5-7) over Kansas City (4-8)
Sunday Night:
Indianapolis (10-2) over Baltimore (4-8)
Monday Night:
New Orleans (5-7) over Atlanta (3-9)


3 responses to “Thursday Morning Picks: Week 14

  1. Nice new features.

    And hasn’t Peterson been injured for like the past three years? Man, he just runs so hard. Let’s hope it’s not a double-edged sword. I’m looking forward, though, to Patrick Willis blasting Peterson on his way to another 10+ tackle game.

  2. It’s strange how some people are more prone to freak injuries like when A.P. broke his collarbone on a seemingly harmless fall on his own in the end zone last season at Oklahoma. And the knee injury against the Packers was just a full-speed, head-first dive right at his knee, which would’ve forced anyone to miss time with the injury.

    How about a third straight game of 18 tackles for the rookie? It also helps that the 49ers have NEVER won the time of possession in a single game this entire season! And Willis had over 38 minutes on the field in each of the last two games to keep making tackles.

  3. Yeah, the fact that Willis leads the NFL in tackles is not only an indication of his prodigious talent, but of how shitty the Niners are offensively and to a lesser extent defensively.

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