Week 15 Recap

By Bryan Jeon

Week 15 recap: Can you even identify the player in the picture who scored the winning touchdown in overtime to give the Dolphins their first win of the season? A guy who has more tackles in his career (6) than receptions (4). That’s second-year Greg Camarillo with the 64-yard score. (That cheerleader has a man’s belly.)

New England Patriots: 14-0
Tom Brady – 45 pass TDs
Peyton Manning (2004) – 49 pass TDs
Randy Moss – 19 rec TDs
Jerry Rice (1987) – 22 rec TDs

Great prediction, ESPN! They predicted that Minnesota would beat the Bears on Monday Night Football via a growing Tarvaris Jackson and not Adrian Peterson.
Peterson and Chester Taylor – 25 carries for 109 yards, 2 TDs
Jackson – 249 yards, 0 TDs, 3 INTs, 1 fumble lost

Remember Mario Williams? That DE who went first overall in the 2006 draft before Reggie Bush. What a stupid pick, right? He had 3.5 sacks in the best game of his career on Thursday night, helping the Texans go to .500 and surpass last season’s win total. They have improved the last two seasons after a 2-14 2005 season and are unfortunate to be playing in the toughest division in the NFL. They are 7-3 against non-divisional teams; 0-4 against Indianapolis, Jacksonville and Tennessee. Individually, Super Mario has 13.5 sacks on the year, just half a sack from the league leader (but wrongly stiffed from the Pro Bowl). Meanwhile, Bush is out for the last four games of the season, having actually regressed in his second year as the feature back for most of his time with just 581 rushing yards on 3.7 yards per carry, 6 total TDs, 7 fumbles and 3 fumbles lost.

1. Brett Favre (38-years-old) – 61,405 career passing yards, 227 yards Sunday
2. Dan Marino – 61,361 yards
2. among active players – Vinny Testaverde (44) – 46,233, 0 yards as 2nd string Sunday
3. among active players – Peyton Manning (31) – 41,220, 276 yards Sunday

Might seem a little difficult to see now, but at this rate, Manning could potentially shatter Favre’s seemingly untouchable record. 70,000+ yards, anyone? By the way, Favre’s thrown for 35 miles. How exhausting does that sound? Oh, and Eli Manning is looking more and more indistinguishable from Rex Grossman every week.

While Marino’s name is out there, let me say it’s been a fun season to watch Channel 2 football on Sundays, as Shannon Sharpe and Marino were so bitter every time Tony Gonzalez and Favre broke a record this season. I love it.

And last but not least, damn that Jessica Simpson. Tony Romo played the way I always fear he’s capable of playing, being grossly overrated. (Take it from a guy who’s a die-hard Cowboys fan.) Save the Troy Aikman comparisons for when he gives the city a ring. Right now, he can’t beat Donovan McNabb. 13-for-36 for 214 yards, 0 TDs, 3 INTs and 2 fumbles. Well, better to lose now than in the playoffs because they’re nowhere near a 15-1 team. And what a step down from Carrie Underwood, Romo? Where’s your class, you big slut? At least he’s not Eli Manning. In the Giants’ loss to Washington, Eli went 18-of-53 for 184 yards. That’s right, 35 incompletions. His 72.6 passer rating pits him 26th in the league. I think it’s time to bring out 285-pound bowling ball Jared Lorenzen.


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  1. That ref looks happy for the Fins.

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