Bryan’s Eastern Conference NBA All-Stars

By Bryan Jeon

Same criteria for me in choosing the Eastern Conference All-Stars as I did the Western Conference studs. Let’s get right to it.

Eastern Conference Squad


Jason Kidd, New Jersey – Kidd easily gets the starting nod despite a drop off in some categories. He is shooting a career-low .365 from the field, although he was never a strong shooter (career .401), and has a career-low 1.5 steals per game, which is pretty amazing. Still, anyone can look past his horrendous shooting when he does everything else right. He is the closest to averaging a triple-double this season than any other in his 14-year career – 11.1 pts, 8.2 reb and 10.4 ast. And this year’s rumors have him returning to Dallas, where they have a much more potent offense.

Dwyane Wade, Miami – After a disappointing season last year, Wade has shown he still has what it takes to be a top-5 scorer in the NBA. Unfortunately, his team forgot how to win. Nevertheless, Wade’s only accolade this season will be an All-Star starting nod, averaging a solid 24.2 pts, 4.4 reb and 6.6 ast.


LeBron James, Cleveland – I wonder if I would be slapped with a $259 fine if I went over 100 mph on a California highway. Isn’t that criminal to go over 100 mph? What the hell is that? And he wasn’t even apologetic, saying that he’d probably do it again because it’s not a big deal to him. As for his playing ability? Oh, he’s good.

Kevin Garnett, Boston – K.G. is out with an injury and the Celtics have dropped 5 of their last 13 games and would need to go an improbable 36-2 to match the Bulls’ 72-10 record. They’re done. Okay, not really. Individually, Garnett is shooting a career-high .551 from the field and has made the Mean Green one of the most exciting teams to watch this season.


Dwight Howard, Orlando – I hate Howard’s big ass smile with that pervert ‘stache of his. In any case, one cannot deny his success in attempting to get every available rebound. He has eight 20-rebound games, three 20-20 games and two 30-20 games. Now taking wagers on what will come first: Howard’s first 40-20 game or 30-rebound game.

Eastern Conference Reserves

Chauncey Billups, Detroit
Michael Redd, Milwaukee
Caron Butler, Washington
Antawn Jamison, Washington
Chris Bosh, Toronto

Comparison (In all seriousness, my team’s better.)

Chris Le’s East All-Stars Bryan Jeon’s East All-Stars

PG – Chauncey Billups Jason Kidd
SG – Jason Kidd Dwyane Wade
SF – LeBron James LeBron James
PF – Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett
C – Dwight Howard Dwight Howard

B – Richard Hamilton Chauncey Billups
B – Paul Pierce Michael Redd
B – Caron Butler Caron Butler
B – Antawn Jamison Antawn Jamison
B – Chris Bosh Chris Bosh


2 responses to “Bryan’s Eastern Conference NBA All-Stars

  1. your team is only better because of wade, who doesn’t deserve it.

  2. If anyone deserves it, it’s Dwight. Check him out doing sick dunk prep for the Slam Dunk contest this year.

    The dude means business.

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