James Named MVP For Triumphant East

By Bryan Jeon

It took as long for the game to get started with all those New Orleans festivities as it did for the Mavs to pull off the Jason Kidd deal but once it got under way, it was all East from the get-go. And without the antics of Shaquille O’Neal, whose injury likely kicked him out of the fans’ selection, it was a pretty unfun game until the final couple of minutes. Ray Allen led all scorers with 28 points on 5 3-pointers in just 19 minutes of action while LeBron James took the MVP with 27 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists in the East’s 134-128 victory Sunday.

I wish I could re-choose my All-Stars because Yao Ming was getting punked by Dwight Howard on both sides of the ball while Amare Stoudemire was really the only showcase dunker for the West. The East attempted 36 3-pointers (making 10 of them), breaking the record of 30 set by the West in 2002. With the win, the Eastern Conference holds a 35-22 edge over the Western Conference as the action will head to Phoenix in 2009.

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