Peter Beats Maskaev; Vitali Awaiting

By Bryan Jeon

Tim Smith, boxing columnist for the New York Daily News, wrote an emphatic article on Samuel Peter‘s victory over WBC heavyweight champion Oleg Maskaev. Peter stopped Maskaev standing with a flurry of punches in the sixth round in one of those fights where someone had to win.

Before Peter gets hailed as a savior of the flailing heavyweight division, let me tell you what he accomplished Saturday night. He beat a 39-year-old fighter who had his first title defense after a 15-month layoff. Maskaev was moving in slow-motion and his punches were about as crisp as stale chips.

How a boxer can be criticized for being methodical like Smith criticizes Wladimir Klitschko for his win over Sultan Ibragimov two weeks earlier is beyond me. A win is a win and frankly, watching Klitschko reserve his right hand the entire fight is more edge-of-your-seat viewing than these two overweight fighters who are nothing more than a paper champion.

Meanwhile, Vitali Klitschko gets an immediate title shot against the newly-crowned Peter after a 39-month layoff. Smith calls the opportunity undeserving, but Vitali is no hack. He was the WBC champion in 2005 before retiring with a knee injury.

Haye Moving Up To Heavyweight

David Haye stopped Enzo Maccarinelli in the second round Sunday to add a third cruiserweight title in his final fight before moving up to heavyweight. The British “Hayemaker” is known for his heavy punching power, and I look forward to him bringing his 21-1 record to make an immediate name for himself among the heavyweight’s best.


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