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Jason Whitlock Is An Idiot

Does anyone read Jason Whitlock’s ( articles? His latest shock writing with the sole purpose to incite reactions toward black issues that he brings up is about the LeBron-Gisele cover on Vogue. I mean, no one thinks a thing of LeBron James embracing his position with Gisele Bundchen. It is viewed as a great basketball player partnered with a beautiful supermodel – period. Yet, Whitlock again doesn’t fail to make an issue out of nothing, claiming it to be offensive, as a black, dangerous-looking felon next to a white, innocent beauty. Give me a break Whitlock, your attempts in digging at the dirt are way over the top, and this is not “thought-provoking style” you self-proclaim. Do me a favor guys and don’t read his crap. He can’t produce worthy commentary so he plays the race card time and time again. Get over yourself, man. We don’t think anything negative about every black man, and my money says no one has issues with LeBron because of his race.

Ink Me

Perhaps commissioner David Stern needs to look beyond the dress code to improve the NBA’s image because the prevalence of tattoos is out of control. I don’t have a problem with it, but it is hard to miss when you’re watching an NBA game. I mean, the Denver Nuggets look like they just came to the game in time from the tattoo parlor. The top 5 scorers in the NBA all brandish a tattoo. So forget the baggy shorts, the current fad might need to be put out with a coat, or more literally, some of those ridiculous-looking long-sleeves that Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson wear, except on both arms.

Asian Anal Issues

First, Astros second baseman Kazuo Matsui. The lesser-known Matsui went on the disabled list last week because of anal fissures. A quick definition search of an anal fissure gave me “an unnatural crack or tear in the anus skin.” Let me give you some advice, skip the images. I’m surprised Kaz can even get out of bed, or even wants to. Now, Dodgers closer Takashi Saito. The Dodgers are worried Saito won’t be ready for opening day, as he’s behind in his work due to a tightening in his left buttock that kept him out. Really, I’m curious to know what these Japanese players are doing to get these rear injuries. I think we all deserve an explanation. Or maybe not. Oh, we’re watching you, Ichiro.

Lakers’ Woes

On a serious note, you Lakers fans have got to be worrying about them playing their starters through quasi-serious injuries. We all know about Bryant’s finger injury and now, they’re pushing Derek Fisher to play through the pain. If you haven’t heard, Fisher has a partial tear of a tendon in his right foot, an injury that typically requires 6-8 weeks of rest. Instead, he plans to just decrease his playing time by a few minutes per game. I’m surprised they’re not forcing Pau Gasol out there with his ankle sprain. It’s only a matter of time before we find out if these moves are going to come back to haunt them in the playoffs. But really, quit your whining because my fantasy team is in a world of hurt while battling for first place.

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  3. when i first saw the vogue cover, i thought nothing of it. but there’s no denying that the cover is presenting a clear juxtaposition of two contrasting ideas. what kind of ideas is up to the individual reader’s interpretation. it could be the yin and yang of masculinity and femininity to one person, or it could be black vs. white of the opinion of Whitlock and ESPN’s Jemele Hill. i guess it’s kind of like an psychologist’s ink blot. it’s all relative.

    and anal bleeding? awesome. they might need more fiber in their diet.

    and you jinxing continues. first it was the rockets, now it’s the lakers. just don’t writing anything about the spurs.

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