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Hansbrough Awarded Player of the Year; UNC Loses

Tyler Hansbrough, the Tar Heels’ star big man, won National Player of the Year honors on Saturday, easily beating out Kansas State’s Michael Beasley. A few hours later, his team, which was thought by most to be able to handle Kansas, trailed by as much as 28 points before falling 84-66 in the second game of the doubleheader. Hansbrough finished with 17 points and 9 rebounds, below his averages of 23 and 10, and it wasn’t nearly enough against a Kansas team that looked nothing like the one that beat Davidson by 2 points a round earlier. Kansas is one of those teams where you wonder which version of it will come out and play on Monday, but my money says Memphis, which absolutely shut down UCLA 78-63, will do much of the same against KU in The Big Dance.

GOTW: Denver at Seattle – Su. @ 6p PT

According to ABC, the game of the week is Dallas at Phoenix, and it will be a great game, no doubt. But if you could only check up on one box score among the slew of games on Sunday, it’s got to be the high-scoring Denver Nuggets against the Western Conference’s worst, the Seattle SuperSonics. Denver, which averages 110.1 points per game, trails only Phoenix and Golden State at 110.4 points a contest. But more reason than that is what happened in the last meeting between these two teams. Exactly three weeks ago, the Nuggets put up a 168-116 victory at home, which stands as the NBA’s season-high in points. The 52-point margin set a franchise record for Denver, who in its three wins over Seattle, has beat them by an average of 37.0 points per game, the closest being a 17-point spanking in their season openers. And in the Sonics’ 66-point effort against the Rockets on Friday, Kevin Durant shot 2-for-17, something he and the rest of the team cannot afford to make this contest anything but embarrassing.

Resto Admits To Plastering Tape In 1983 Bout Against Collins

Luis Resto admitted in a news conference on Thursday that the tape used to wrap his hands had been soaked in plaster of Paris, a type of building material which you can imagine makes your hands harder than no other, in his 10-round beating of Billy Collins Jr. in 1983. Resto also removed two inches of padding from his gloves, which made the entire experience of getting hit worse than bare knuckles. During the fight, Billy told his father and trainer that it felt like he was getting hit with rocks. He suffered from blurred vision and depression after the fight and died in a car accident nine months later. In the post-fight handshake, Billy Collins Sr. noticed the tampered gloves and alerted a state boxing commissioner. Resto and his trainer were banned from boxing and served jail time on assault and conspiracy over the tampered gloves. Currently, a motion to re-open a civil suit against the State of New York to prevent the pounding was filed on Thursday amid Resto’s apology and guilt. But the question arises: did Resto murder Collins?

Quote of the Day

Memphis freshman guard Derrick Rose missed media sessions Sunday with a stomach ailment but is expected to play in Monday’s national championship game against Kansas. Teammate Chris Douglas-Roberts explained, “He eats Gummy Bears and Starburst for breakfast, and Twizzlers and Honey Buns for dinner. That’s why his stomach hurts. We tell Derrick the whole year, ‘Stop eating so many Gummy Bears and Sour Straws.’ But he can’t. … Nobody eats Gummy Bears more than him.”

The diet of a champion right there. This just in, Gummy Bears sales shoot up 300% on Monday.

Mayweather Beats The Big Show With Gloves…And Chair…And Brass Knuckles

Last Sunday, Wrestlemania XXIV was held at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando in front of a record-setting 74,635 in attendance. The pay-per-view event was a joint promotion featuring the three brands, as Randy Orton took the WWE (Raw) championship, The Undertaker won the World Heavyweight Championship (Smackdown) and Kane won the ECW Championship (Extreme Championship Wrestling). There were plenty of cameos too, as Kim Kardashian was a hostess while Snoop Dogg was the Master of Ceremonies for the Playboy BunnyMania Lumberjack Match. But for our purposes, the night belonged to Floyd Mayweather, who beat The Big Show in a No Disqualification match after Big Show failed to answer a ten-count. Check out the fight that landed PBF $20 million richer:


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  4. Seattle beats Denver 151-147 in 2OT. Take advantage of that over/under, guys.

  5. Geez, professional wrestling sure is over the top now.

    Why is it taking notes from boxing and having a million different titles?

    “Kim Kardashian was a hostess while Snoop Dogg was the Master of Ceremonies for the Playboy BunnyMania Lumberjack Match.” That sentence is so ridiculous my head is about to explode.

  6. Hahaha, believe me. I felt just as ridiculous writing that. And yeah, I know you like all the divisions within WWE now.

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