Bilas and Le Batard Verbally Tussle On-Air

By Chris Le

Once again, Dan Le Batard proves himself to be an idiot—and what sounds like a racist.

Prior to last night’s National Championship game, ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas was a guest on Le Batard’s Miami radio show. With the title game looming, one would assume they would discuss the Memphis-Kansas matchup, but Le Betard had other things in mind. Oh no, he thought race in the NBA was a more appropriate topic.

Le Batard proceeds to ask, since there appears to be a lack of first-rate white-American players in the league, would NBA teams be cautious of Michael Beasley’s ability if he were white? He then poses the reverse scenario for Tyler Hansbrough: if he were black would scouts be questioning his NBA potential?

My man, Jay Bilas, who doesn’t even bother to hide his distaste for Le Ba-turd, goes on to shove everything in his face.


2 responses to “Bilas and Le Batard Verbally Tussle On-Air

  1. LOL, Bilas owned him.

  2. That was intense. What a sour taste in either guy’s mouth after that conversation.

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