The Weekly Rundown

By Bryan Jeon

Tiger Can’t Come From Behind

I have to give credit to Michael Rosenberg of, who has found that Tiger Woods has never won a major when trailing after 54 holes. With Woods six strokes back heading into the final round Sunday at Augusta, it was amazing enough that it was thought he still had a chance to win the Masters. And he very well could have had it not been for his faulty putting on the back nine to prevent him from putting the pressure on eventual winner Trevor Immelman, who beat Woods by three strokes. But then again, Tiger never loses when leading after 54 holes. We’ll just call him predictable.

Herschel Walker a Nutjob?

Herschel Walker revealed he has DID, dissociative identity disorder, or formerly and more likely known as multiple personality disorder, in the wake of his just-released book “Breaking Free.” The former running back said he had about a dozen alternate personalities, and after his NFL retirement in 1997, he claims to have played Russian roulette with a loaded pistol. The 46-year-old does not remember winning the Heisman Trophy at Georgia in 1982, but his ex-wife sure recalls Walker shoving a gun in her face. Did the star back really suffer from a disorder that has been dismissed by some in the medical field or is this all just a ploy for him to sell his book with the impossibility that his father never knew and his ex-wife was married to him for 16 years not knowing? Fact or fiction? (Whatever happened to Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?)

NHL Playoffs (thru 4/16)

Western Conference
(1) Detroit is tied with (8) Nashville in series, 2-2
(2) San Jose is tied with (7) Calgary, 2-2
(3) Minnesota is tied with (6) Colorado, 2-2
(5) Dallas leads (4) Anaheim, 2-1

Eastern Conference
(1) Montreal leads (8) Boston, 3-1
(2) Pittsburgh beat (7) Ottawa, 4-0
(6) Philadelphia leads (3) Washington, 2-1
(5) NY Rangers leads (4) New Jersey, 3-1

Go !

Player of the Week: Candace Parker

No one had a better week in sports than Candace Parker, possibly ever. On Monday, the 6’4″ junior was named the Naismith Trophy Winner. On Tuesday, the 6’4″ junior led Tennessee to its second straight national championship, easily handling Stanford 64-48. On Wednesday, she was the No. 1 pick in the WNBA draft, where she will play alongside Lisa Leslie and the L.A. Sparks, who finished last because Leslie was out from being knocked up. With Leslie back, that team looks scary good and already has my interest in the sport next season. I’m expecting some Twin Tower-type domination. But back to Parker’s accolades, on Friday she was the John Wooden Award winner, sweeping the top player honors; she also was named the AP Player of the Year and MOP in the tournament. Congrats to the dunking queen.

Hopkins (48-4-1, 32 KO) vs. Calzaghe (44-0, 32 KO) on 4/19

WBO, WBC and WBA super middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe will move up to 175 pounds to fight 43-year-old Bernard Hopkins this Saturday at Las Vegas. Calzaghe’s title will not be on the line, but his record will be, as Hopkins looks to erase that donut in the British southpaw’s record. Calzaghe is the longest reigning title holder in any weight class, recently passing the ten-year mark as the WBO super middleweight champion. Check it out on HBO for what is easily the most notable fight until Oscar De La Hoya steps back into the ring against Steve Forbes on May 3.


3 responses to “The Weekly Rundown

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  3. A dozen personalities and all of them could play football. Pretty amazing.

    Good bye, Candace Parker. It’s unfortunate that we’ll never hear your name again, now that you’re heading to the WNBA. Remember that Diana Taurasi girl? She was awesome in college. What ever happened to her after winning all those national titles at UConn? Oh, she’s in the WNBA? Yikes.

    I usually don’t look forward to fights featuring Bernard Hopkins, since his style is a little too methodical and not overly pleasing aesthetically. But this matchup against Calzaghe is simply perfect. The ultimate counter-puncher (Hopkins) versus the non-stop windmill of a fighter (Calzaghe). Should be interesting to see whose strength gives way.

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