UNC’s Hansbrough Coming Back

By Chris Le

North Carolina forward and consensus player of the year, Tyler Hansbrough, announced that he will forgo the NBA draft and return for his senior season. Hansbrough averaged 22.6 points and 10.2 rebounds, leading the Tar Heels to a 36-2 record before losing to eventual national champion Kansas in the Final Four.

Hansbrough’s announcement comes after fellow teammates, speedy point guard Ty Lawson and sharp-shooting Wayne Ellington, declared for the draft but will not hire agents, making them eligible to return to school.

If all three return, UNC will be the prohibitive favorite to win the 2009 National Championship. But if it is only Hansbrough that comes back, they’ll still remain a top-5 team with their depth and another solid recruiting class.

Bottom line: Hansbrough wants a national championship. There’s no other explanation for his return. It’s not because he wants to improve his draft stock; in fact, I don’t think it could be any higher. I view him as being in the same boat as UCLA’s Kevin Love, where his height and athleticism–the only aspects of his game that pro GMs question–won’t (can’t) get better with one more year of college.

Nope. For Hansbrough, it’s about ridding himself of that bitter taste in his mouth after disappointing tournament exits by the hands of Georgetown and Kansas. Additionally, next year’s draft looks to have a lot less depth, possibly upping his chances of going in the lottery.

3 responses to “UNC’s Hansbrough Coming Back

  1. Kevin Love is a consensus lottery pick while Chad Ford of ESPN has Hansbrough at number 27. I think Hansbrough acknowledges the depth in this year’s class and is shooting for a top-10 pick next year as his reason for staying.

  2. I demand some NFL Draft coverage!!!

    Keep up the good work guys. :)

  3. You want draft coverage on your Packers, here you go:

    In regards to Green Bay’s first of three 2nd-round picks and 36th overall, ESPN Scouts Inc. had this to say about Jordy Nelson, wideout from Kansas State: Nelson isn’t a very sexy pick; he doesn’t have great speed and isn’t elusive.

    Brian Brohm 2nd round and Matt Flynn 7th round, what hole Brett Favre has left behind. By the way, why is a retired player on the cover of Madden 09?

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