The Weekly Rundown

By Bryan Jeon

Red Wings Reclaim Stanley Cup

The Red Wings won their first title in 5 years and fourth in 11 years, jumping out early in Game 6 to finish the series at Pittsburgh. Detroit outshot the Penguins in all six games of the Finals, 222 shots or 37/game to 142 or 24/game. Your deserved MVP, Henrik Zetterberg, who tied playoff-highs with 27 points (with Sidney Crosby) and 13 goals (with Johan Franzen) and scored the series winner to put the Red Wings up 3-1 halfway through the third period.

Game 6: Detroit beat Pittsburgh 3-2
win 4-2

Kimbo Nearly Slices Thompson’s Ear Off in TKO Victory

In the first-ever live mixed martial arts broadcast on network television, something I strongly disagree with because of its’ absolutely raw violence, an MMA-record 6.51 million CBS viewers saw Kimbo Slice trade blows with James Thompson at EliteXC on Saturday before a referee stoppage in the third round to remain undefeated at 3-0. Thompson (16-9) actually won the first two rounds, raising serious questions about Slice’s ability to perform at the professional level. Regardless, Slice was able to give Thompson cauliflower ear, something that forms when you get hit in the ear a massive amount of times and could be permanent, before popping his ear of blood with a haymaker in the third round.

Ramirez Reaches Milestone, Griffey Just One Shy; Cubs Tops in Majors

500Manny Ramirez hit his 500th home run Saturday, becoming the 24th player to reach the milestone. It was the 36-year-old’s 11th home run of the year but just his second in his last fifteen games played. His solo shot in the seventh inning secured the Red Sox’s victory over the Orioles 6-3.

599 Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 599th home run Saturday, moving him within one shot of an even more exclusive club, vying to become just the 6th player in major league history to hit 600 home runs. It was the 38-year-old’s 6th home run of the year and just his second in his last thirty games, as he’s struggling this year with a .255 average. His two-run home run in the first inning was just the beginning of the Reds’ 8-7 win over the Braves in 10 innings.

At 36-21, the Chicago Cubs stand one game better than the Tampa Bay Rays for the best record in baseball, both surprises early on in the season. The Cubs are on a 7-game winning streak after topping the Rockies 5-3 on Sunday and are averaging a major league-best 5.7 runs/game. The last time the Cubs were the best team in June? 1908 when the Cubs last won a championship.

NBA Finals Set for Classic Showdown

The Los Angeles Lakers closed out the San Antonio Spurs in a surprisingly quick five games while the Boston Celtics won their first games on the road in the playoffs and didn’t go the distance for the first time in beating the Detroit Pistons in six games. Together, the Lakers (14) and Celtics (16) own 30 championships, the last being the Lakers’ 2002 taking of the title. The popular pick seems to be the Lakers to beat Boston, the team with the best record in basketball. Allow me to stick with my playoff prediction, Boston, to come out of this one holding the trophy.

Game 1: LAL at Boston Thurs. at 6p PT on ABC

A Look Ahead: 140th Belmont Stakes Sat. @ 3:25p PT on ABC

Big Brown is looking to be the first Triple Crown winner in 30 years when the third and final leg of the Triple Crown is run at Belmont Park in New York. The Morning Line has Big Brown, who is up against 9 horses, at 2/5 odds while his Japanese rival, Casino Drive, owns the only other single-digit odds at 7/2 odds. As if the undefeated Big Brown needed any help, he drew the No. 1 post, where 23 horses have won at Belmont since 1905, the most of any of the posts.


4 responses to “The Weekly Rundown

  1. The Chicago Cubs have thousands of fans all over the world. Here, I may consider myself as one of the big fans of this wonderful team. Whenever I’ve time I try to attend their games, though sometimes it becomes a little difficult to get Cubs tickets and this is due to these great fans that the team has. Chicago Cubs tickets are a little pricy or hard to be found but the team, as a professional and essential team of MLB, worth any price to watch their games. And when we love a team we try as much as possible these financial obstacles.

  2. I’m smelled something fishy about the whole Kimbo Slice situation.

    First, it shouldn’t be on network television. Far too barbaric and gruesome.

    Secondly, Kimbo was saved big time by a company that wants to exploit and promote a lucrative product. The fight probably should’ve been stopped in the second when Slice was being repeatedly elbowed without intelligently defending himself. And the stoppage in the third round was premature in my book. Had the fight been Pay-Per-View it would’ve continued, same goes for the fights prior to the main event. I think the TV execs were tentative to show prolonged beatings.

    Lastly, Kimbo Slice has a lot to prove as an MMA fighter. He did not impress me against a below-average opponent.

  3. Yeah, I thought the stoppage was premature, as Thompson threw a punch just a second or two before the end.

    People are claiming the fight was rigged. This isn’t WWE. Really? Choosing beatable opponents is one thing and there’s no question the sport wants Kimbo to be an unpaid promoter by being undefeated, but to claim MMA holds rigged events (like people do of the NBA) goes without backing.

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