There’s a New King in Town


I read a lot of ridiculous fantasy baseball notes–most of the time what people say–so I’ve decided to dedicate a section in my column to Did He Just Say That?

Jun 29 [J.J.] Putz, who suffered a setback earlier this week in his return from an elbow injury, won’t necessarily return to the closer role upon his return, the Seattle Times reports. Recommendation: Miscommunication with the training staff gave Putz the idea that he needed to throw with a different motion, which caused more soreness in his arm. He’s back to throwing normally, and the pain has stopped. – Rotowire
How do you miscommunicate over something important like that with the people you should be closest to, i.e. the training staff? Well, I guess I experience that as well with my mom from time to time, but Brandon Morrow is looking like a real sweet pickup now.

Chestnut Defends Hot Dog Belt In OT Over Kobayashi

Joey Chestnut staved off Kobayashi in a five-dog eat-off at Coney Island on Friday after the two tied with 59 hot dogs in 10 minutes, two minutes less than in previous years. I think Chestnut’s proven himself to be the new king of hot dog eating, which segues into who I believe will be the new king of tennis on Sunday.

Nadal Will Beat Federer in the Wimbledon Finals

The two beat their semifinal opponents in straight sets Friday to set up their third straight Wimbledon finals. Roger Federer, who will be going for his sixth straight Wimbledon, has not dropped a set in the entire tournament. But after coming down to Earth with unfamiliar losses in tournaments earlier this year and Rafael Nadal‘s proven domination over Federer in the French Open, I see David utilizing that confidence to dethrone Goliath in a stunner this year.


One response to “There’s a New King in Town

  1. I’m torn between Chestnut and Kobayashi. Chestnut reps San Jose, but the Asian in me likes Kobayashi.

    Nice call on the Wimbeldon final. The match was epic. Nadal has a serious chance of becoming the no. 1 rated player in the world at the end of the year.

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