Brand a Loser


Brand Seeing Green

Elton Brand, who opted out of the final year of his contract with the Los Angeles Clippers last week with the intention to sign a long-term deal with the club, is now being swayed by the Philadelphia 76ers and Golden State Warriors to the likes of a $95 million contract, roughly $20 million more than what the Clippers can offer. The 29-year-old power forward, who wished to be the centerpiece alongside some superstars like the Boston Celtics managed last season, can be paired with Baron Davis in what will easily be the largest free-agent signing in Clippers history.

Davis put it best when he opted out of the final year of his contract at $17.8 million. He asked what he could do with $85 million that he can’t do with $65 million. And that’s exactly what Brand should be thinking. The Clippers are already moving on without Corey Maggette, whose skills are wanted by a number of teams, but they should not offer Brand any more than they had originally planned to, who was quoted before the Davis agreement saying that he would take a slight discount if the club were to make a significant personnel acquisition. Well…

The 76ers and Warriors are primed to make Brand one of the highest paid players in the NBA for a two-time All-Star who has never averaged 25 points or 12 rebounds in a season. Unless Brand is trying to work up the offseason drama like Kobe Bryant did the year before, the Clippers should let their backstabbing star walk and create $10 million in salary cap space to add to their promising studs.

Favre Not Wanted Back

Despite Brett Favre‘s response that his considering a return to the NFL is all a rumor, another text message to Packers GM Ted Thompson can deduce the fact that Favre is acting like a post-pubescent boy who thinks he wants a girl to take him back. And Thompson’s reply was how the team feels of the situation, I’m sure. He said that he was on vacation and the two men would have to talk later. This implication of blowing off the future HOFer shows the team’s reluctance to welcome him back after Favre’s magical “final season” and the entire offseason with Aaron Rodgers at the helm.

Save face, Favre. Go out on top and not like Michael Jordan. As for all of you people who feel it isn’t fair for Rodgers, the first-round draft pick who was the backup for the past three seasons, boohoo. Steve Young was Joe Montana‘s backup for four years, and in the NBA, it’s all about playing time. By the way, Rodgers should never be in the same sentence as Young, except for this one right now explaining to you that they shouldn’t be in the same sentence together.

Gonzo Saves Another Life

Tony Gonzalez, Pro Bowl tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, saved the life of a choking man while dining at a restaurant by performing the Heimlich maneuver successfully, in which he has no training for. Gonzalez, who spends his offseason in Huntington Beach, CA and was probably involved in the surfer-paparazzi beach brawls a few weeks ago, saved his second life. The first, you ask?

A game in SF when Gonzalez knocked over a sideline cameraman, giving the man a concussion. A resulting brain scan revealed the cameraman had a life-threatening brain tumor that was previously undiagnosed. Go Gonzo! The Cal product is just 179 yards shy of breaking bitter Shannon Sharpe‘s record for most career yards by a tight end. Go Gonzo! Because The United Way and saving lives are twice as nice.


9 responses to “Brand a Loser

  1. I’ve said it before–I don’t blame anyone for trying to make money. And if anyone deserves a big payday it’s Brand, who has been stuck in the NBA equivalents of Siberia known as the Chicago Bulls post-Jordan and the Los Angeles Clippers. But going back on your word? That’s pretty shady.

    And damn, Maggette. The Spurs could’ve used him.

    Haha, and you’re right. I would never put Aaron Rodgers in the same. Sentence as Steve Young.

  2. And he’s gone to Philly.

  3. Brand and AI2 in Philly. Interesting…


  4. brand is a loser. not because of numbers. who cares if he hasn’t scored over 25 points in a season? neither has kg or tim duncan.

    he’s a loser because he’s made the playoffs once in his career! once! the west hasn’t been that tough every year of his career. and even that year, his team only won 47 games.

    not one season with over 50 wins. pfffffffff.

    he’s the real loser. not tmac and kg who struggled to win the first round – and kg finally did in 2004 and won the championship this season – brand just made it once!

    now that is a loser imo.

    philly is a first round exist next year anyways. they have no outside shooting. and no all stars unless you count elton brand – but kg, and bosh are ahead of him for all star votes anyway at his position.

  5. Mark, I think you’re being a little harsh. I don’t think anyone views Brand as being on the same level of KG or TMac, so i don’t think those comparison are valid.

    But even if they were, TMac as Yao Ming and a decent roster surrounding him, yet he still can’t make it out of the first round. Brand on the other hand has been on some shitty teams, I mean deplorable squads. Who’s been his best teammate: Kaman, Cassell, Artest, Maggette? Hardly on the same level as Yao. And no one can win on their own.

    So i think it’s unfair to label either TMac or Brand as a “losers” in the literal sense of the word. I don’t think they buckle under the pressure and suddenly become Chris Webber.

  6. Obviously, 25 or 12 doesn’t define a player as great, but FYI, K.G. has grabbed 12 boards a game six consecutive seasons until last year and Duncan averaged 25 one year and had 12 rebounds five times.

    And yeah, no one can win on their own. Just look at Kobe Bryant, who until last year, couldn’t get past the first round the three prior years.

  7. give me a break. how about getting to .500? he can’t even do that. forget making the playoffs. how about being on an average team first!

    his teams weren’t that bad. and the west wasn’t as hard as ppl make it out to be. the lakers two seasons ago got the 7th seed with only 42 wins. the warriors were at exactly .500 when the got the 8th seed and beat dallas.

    kg lead teams with crappy talent to the playoffs. so have guys like paul pierce, allen iverson and tmac in orlando.

    don’t compare him to kg or tim duncan? yell ya i’m not. but ppl shouldn’t make him out to be some saviour of philly, making them contenders.

    brand is a career loser when ppl consider him a franchise player. he isn’t any sense of the world. both times his team could have signed him – another team would come up with an offer first! how can you be a franchise player when others teams give you a bigger offer your team either won’t match, is too late to match or outright lets you sign an offer sheet with a team like miami before matching it.

    oh yeah, an organization that doesn’t view you as franchise guy.

    he’s the ultimate ball stopper. what the difference between him and zach randolph? consistenly putting up great numbers on a bad team means you aren’t a franchise player. it also should raise red flags.

    the only difference btw him and zach, is zach is a headcase who gets into trouble with the law too much for his own good. and brand is this supposed nice guy with a production company.

    at least other guys get their team to be better and to maybe overacheive by making the playoffs. he’s no leader. a big of a big mouth when talking about how he wants to say with the clippers.

    if i ever hear ppl describe tmac or kg or melo as career losers – look at this guy. being paid similar money and never getting any flack for his massive shortcomings.

    this guy gets off too easily. i’m happy his ass was traded from the bulls. his agent is crazy too . i’d rather have gasol than his dude. at least he has lead his team to the playoffs three straight seasons in dreadful memphis.

  8. Mark, I agree with your last two paragraphs. Bottom line, Brand is a great player, but he’s not anywhere near my Top 15, which is about where he’s being paid. But you make it seem like he never went to the playoffs. He went to the Conference Semis just three years ago after 47 wins in the regular season.

    FYI, before last year, Gasol was 0-12 in the playoffs.

  9. Mark, who said Brand is a franchise player? With the overall numbers he has produced, he might be slightly less than a max deal player, who could be a part of a winning CORPS, but I don’t think many people view him as a franchise cornerstone, who can single handily save a team. There is indeed a difference. There are probably only 5 or so ballers in the league who truly deserve the “franchise” label; I’m pretty sure most will agree Brand isn’t in that selective group. And like Vince said, he’s being paid what he’s worth—and much less than KG or McGrady.

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