Sikahema Knocks Out Canseco

By Chris Le

Former NFL running back Vai Sikahema did to Jose Canseco what many former and current MLB players wish they could do—beat Canseco to a pulp.

Sikahema acted quickly, knocking down Canseco twice en route to a first round stoppage.

Coming into this celebrity boxing match that can only be described as little more than a sideshow–and I think I speak for everyone when I say this–we just wanted to see Canseco get knocked the fuck out. The possibility of seeing Canseco sprawled on the canvas discombobulated was the lure of the entire event. Any other result would’ve been a complete disappointment.

Yet, there were questions if the outcome we all wanted would come into fruition.

Las Vegas odds makers placed the former MLB All-Star as a 3-1 favorite, chiefly because of his significant size advantage. Canseco, 6’4”, 245 pounds, towered over the 5’9”, 205-pound Sikahema.

But, even though Canseco claims to have a “martial arts” background, Sikahema had more than 80 amateur bouts under his belt. And anyone who knows anything about boxing realizes size doesn’t mean jack compared to skill and experience.

Canseco, unfortunately, learned this lesson the hard way.


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