Candace Parker Ejected After Detroit Melee

By Chris Le

In the final seconds of the Sparks’ 84-81 win over the Shock, Detroit forward Plenette Pierson gave Candace Parker an overzealous box-out that she didn’t quite appreciate.

The two were tangled and Parker subsequently threw Pierson on the floor, only to be dragged down herself. Then all hell broke loose.

Detroit’s Cheryl Ford, in her attempt to hold back a teammate, sprained her right knee and had to be escorted off the floor in a wheelchair.

Rick Mahorn, Detroit assistant coach, was right in the thick of the action, pushing Lisa Leslie sending her to the floor. Reviewing the tape, however, it doesn’t look like Mahorn had any intent other than ending the scuffle. And though he did nudge Leslie, he didn’t extend his arms, and her stumble appears to have been due more to her imbalance than anything else.

Expect multiple suspensions in the upcoming days.

I wonder if this will hurt Parker’s MVP chances.

Speaking of catfights, this past weekend, Danica Patrick approached Milka Duno like a smart-ass after an on-track incident at Mid-Ohio track.

Patrick is proving to be a fiery and confrontational person. She needs to calm the fuck down. Shit happens on the track. And what did she expect would happen getting all up in Duno’s face?

I especially like the (two-time) towel toss to the face.


2 responses to “Candace Parker Ejected After Detroit Melee

  1. I honestly believe this is great exposure for the WNBA. It gives them some credibility.

    Chris, with which camera angle were you able to see Mahorn’s contact with Leslie? A little background on Mahorn: 6’10,” 270 pounds and the baddest of the “Bad Boy” Pistons from 1985-89.

    Ford pulled a Milton Bradley injury when he tore his ACL last year while arguing with an umpire.

    I’ll take Patrick over Duno in a pillow fight.

  2. Girls fightin’… kind of weird!

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