Artest Traded to Houston

By Chris Le

Ron Artest will once again play for a title contender.

Numerous sources report that the Sacramento Kings have agreed to trade the troubled yet multi-talented forward to the Rockets for guard Bobby Jackson, next year’s No. 1 pick, and rookie Donte Greene, who showed a scorching hand in the summer league, dropping 40 points in his debut and 22.6 ppg overall—second only to Portland’s Jerryd Bayless.

The deal will not be final until after August 14 since Greene cannot be traded before that date.

I think this gamble makes the Rockets contenders for the title. The combination of Artest, Tracy McGrady, and Yao Ming, though all three are injury prone, will be as fierce as any trio in the league. Also, already having Shane Battier, the addition of Artest gives Houston one of the best perimeter defenses around.

I wouldn’t worry about any immediate—I say again, immediate—bouts of insanity from Artest mainly because he will be reunited with Coach Rick Adelman, with whom he has a good relationship. Or, about as good a relationship Artest has had with an authority figure.

Look for the Rockets to improve upon their already impressive 55-27 record.


3 responses to “Artest Traded to Houston

  1. Twinkletoes Sugarberry

    Ron Artest will be fine he reunites with Rick Adelman. So he won’t make no trouble. A lot of people are saying now trade Shane Battier because he and Artest play the same position. I wouldn’t trade Shane just yet. I would try to play him off the bench as a six man. Shane doesn’t need to score that much. So he can come off the bench play some defense and I think that would be a good fit. I don’t think the Rockets will do this. But why not sign back Bonzi Wells for a reunion.

  2. I wouldn’t trade Battier either. I absolutely love his game; he’s the ultimate glue guy. And he’s unselfish/team-oriented enough to effectively come off the bench.

  3. Thank God he didn’t go to the Lakers. I like the makeup of the Rockets, but it’s tough to gauge how well they’ll do next year because their record is kind of skewed with their 22-game winning streak, not to take anything away from that incredible streak.

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